Anfast-furious-8-plot upcoming movie Fast & Furious 8 officially decalred by Vin Diesel and Universal picture April 23,2015 at Cinema Con.World waiting for have a exciting view on FF8. Every one wants to have fun in that day.Behind this slant,people molds their effectiveness.

James Wan,Furious 7 director may not return as Director to direct the film FF8 franchise .He opened to anything.

No one knows the happening of FF8,conversation is going on,at least we know the pattern how to be estimated.Vin Diesel took to the stage of Cinema Con recently & confirmed that Fast & Furious 8 is in ignited mood,& will reach theatres on April 14,2017.

It’s definitely happening in a imagined way! But there will be cause a ton of questions about  who will be involved both in front of & the camera.Let’s dig in to all that we already know about the upcoming Fast & Furious 8 sequel.


Continuity pattern may be extract from Furious 7.Basically,plot details are unknown to director. Vin Diesel has said he hopes to take the series to NEW YORK ,while rumors have suggested this will be the first half a two-part finale for the franchise.


Producer Neal H.Moritz discusses continuing the series without Paul walker.

Neal H.Moritz ‘FF8’ producer takes about continuing  with Furious 8after Paul Walker‘s death.

‘Fast & Furious 8’: Jason Statham confirms he will be back in Action.

Jason Statham says he willl reprise his ‘Furious 7‘ role as declared show in the next Fast & Furious movie installment.

FF8: Dwayne Johnson ‘Hobbs‘ also confirms his return & talks spin off.

The RockDwayne Johnson confirms his return as luke Hobbs for ‘Fast & Furious 8’.

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