How Does the Weather Change ?

130111_storm_ap_328The Weather is just the state of the atmosphere at any time,including things such temperature,precipitation,air pressure and cloud cover.Unlike climate,weather depends on the seasons and can also change anytime. Meteorologists predict in the evening how the weather will be the next day.The weather is driven by the Sun,which heats up the ground and the water surfaces.Evaporated water creates clouds from which Thunderstorms build up,and the ensuing bursts of thunder and lightning make us flinch.Every time a cyclone hits the tropical regions,lashing rain sends people running for cover.

How is the Weather predicted ?

Meteorologists use anemometers to measure wind speed but you estimate wind speed just by looking around.Watch how leaves move in the trees,and how flags wave in the wind.Scientists study the factors that lead to weather phenomena in different parts of the world.

They observe and record atmosphere temperature,humidity,pressure,and precipitation and the direction and strength of balloons give out information regarding the state of the atmosphere.On the basis of their findings ,they make forecasts about future weather conditions.Barometers also used for measure the air pressure which is sometimes referred to as barometric pressure.

How does a Thunderstorms occur ?

On  a hot summer day the the surface of the earth is heated by the sun.The Earth’s surface heats the air just above the surface through the process of conduction.This occurs mostly in summer when the sun is hot and keeps soaking up water from the ground and water bodies.The moist air rises and forms small clouds that pile up gradually to form huge cauliflower shaped clouds as high as 10 km.

Inside the clouds,large water drops and ice crystals form due to extreme cold conditions.These remain afloat,being Supported by powerful winds.When they collide and rub against one another,an electrical voltage is produced between the upper and lower layers of the clouds.This voltage,once sufficiently high,is discharged in the form of lightning.

Where does Rain come from ?

Water evaporates when the sun shines on oceans,seas,or wet grounds or when wind blows over them.Once the water vapour reaches high in the sky,it condenses and forms clouds.These clouds are blown towards land by wind.

The tiny droplets form clouds which are carried here and there by the wind.If they rise further,such as on high mountain crest,they become colder and turn into large raindrops,small ice crystals and hailstones.These are heavy and fall to the ground as rain ,water seeps into the ground.This water returns to the sea as ground water,rivers and streams.This cyclical process is known as ‘Water Cycle‘.

The water cycle in nature is basically made up of four main parts,these are:-








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