Space all aruniverse-wallpaper-images-lf7eound us and what it contains as far as we can see & think i.e Universe.No one know whether the space is endless or finite.let it be leave on its own way of extinction.Wondering whole universe exist out the new ideas one after another that how would be it formed.If there were a border,then what would be behind it ? Still the astronomers are wondering or dealing with the question of the origin of the universe.As per according to science,Big Bang theory proves the existence of Universe.But Big Bang theory’s law may be discarded in the future time.In this Miracle Universe every science is a question mark(?).None such law is proven to be a masterpiece which could describes totally the universe to exist.

Space Origination:

First particle of the Universe formed due to the interaction of two cosmic rays.Universe had very compact ‘Core’ with an unimaginably high temperature .About 14 billion years ago,this core exploded in the event called Big Band Space and time were created only after this,so one cannot say what was present before Bang,the space expended within a few seconds.This is known as cosmic inflation .

Electromagnetic radiation arose,and after 15 minute there were the first atomic nuclei.About 300,000 years later ,atoms were formed and the Universe had cooled down to a temperature of 3000 degree c.After around 500 million years the first star originated.

Background Radiation:

The Background radiation is a small part of the electromagnetic radiation that originated in the Big Bang. Radiation could expanded with the expansion of space.

The phenomenon radiation was discovered by The American physicts ‘Arno Penzias’ and ‘Robert Wilson’ by hand,when they were working with a microwave receiver for communication with satellites in 1964.

A satellite called ‘COBE’ the ‘Cosmic Background Explorer’ was able to study the cosmic background radiation.

Will the Universe die one day ?

Yes,but we don’t know exactly how will be that. There may be two possibilities first,the expansion started many many ago with the birth of Universe will become slower and slower.At some point of time,the last star will die and all matter will disappear in black hole.

In the second case,just the opposite will happen. The universe will stop expanding at some point of time.The attraction forces of all the objects will then cause the Universe to collapse on itself.

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