GLOBAL WARMING:Cause,Effects,Reduction

Global Warming is increasing day by day and it is due to effect of green houses gases,such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossils fuel or from human being activities & deforestation,which trap heat that would otherwise escape from earth.This would lead to end of life existence on earth.If we don’t put down the deforestation or others such activities which are worst cause of global warming.

If you were to view Earth from space,the principle part of the atmosphere would only be about as thick as the skin on an onion! Realising this makes it more possible plausible to suppose that human beings can change the climate.A look at the amount of green house gases we are spewing into the atmosphere,makes it even more plausible.Slight increases in atmospheric level of carbon dioxide(CO2) can cause a substantial increases in temperature .The concatenation of carbon dioxide is main factor that creates the imbalance between the atmosphere level.Human beings have increased the CO2 concatenation in the atmosphere by about 30%,which is an extremely significant increase,even on inter glacial time scales.It is believed that human beings are responsible for this because the increase is almost perfectly correlated with increases in fossil fuel combustion,& also due other evidence ,such as changes in the ratio of different carbon isotopes in atmospheric CO2 that are consistent with”anthropogenic”(human caused) emissions.

Combustion of fossil fuels,for electricity generation,transportation,and heating  and also the manufacture of cement,all result in the total world wide emission of about 22 billion atmosphere each year.About a third of this comes from electricity generation,and another third from transportation,and third from all other sources.

In 1998,the intergovernmental Panel on climate changes (IPCC) was established by the world Meteorological Nation Environment(UNEP), in the recognition of the threat that global warming presents to the world.

The IPCC is open to all members of the UNEP and WMO and consists of several thousands of the most authoritative scientists in the world on climate change & its aim to reduce those factors which really overcomes the O2 element i.e reduction of CO2 in the upper zone of the atmosphere.The role of the IPCC is to asses the scientific and socio-economic information relevant for understanding of the risk of human induced climate change.


Global Warming is already having significant and costly effects and these consequences null only intensity as the planet’s temperature continues to rise.

Global warming is accelerating the rate of sea level rise and dramatically increasing coastal flooding risks,especially on the U.S East coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Climate change has significant implications for our health,including increasing air pollution and a longer and more intense allergy season.The direct radiation affects our immense system and it may leads to many defects in our circulatory system.Some of the radiations may be cause cancer,very harmful to someone.

Also,as temperature increases,more rain falls during the heaviest downpours,increasing the risk of flooding events.

We should be alert for impacts certain consequences of global warming are non inevitable including sea level rise,more frequent and severe heat waves,and growing wild fire risks.Even as we work to reduce global warming emissions.We must also prepare for this dangerous new reality.

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