Life possibility on earth makes world to exit.Main motive of the world to provide essential needs to the all species.  196 countries are there in the world,many of them are unknown to us.Every nation contributed to strengthen the stability of the world to the desired level.

A Beautiful World

World is full of Joy,Magic,Wonder etc. Anyone live in this can feel intense sadness profound happiness can be just around the corner.Source of joy are literally every where ; one just has to overlook all of the negative things trying to cover them up.This world is like a ‘machine’,if every part of machine is on set position then it works properly.So to the beautiful world if everyone contribute specifically to each part of the world’s core then its beautiness exits.Also It’s our duty to prepare the legal agenda of beautiness to have perspective happiness.

A Wonder World

This is a wonderful  world ,everyone want to query about it that how it would be made.More over they love it, like it.

Another parameters which describes the world’s cohesiveness to the wondered assets. Like,

1) Great Pyramid of Giza

Location: Giza Necropolis,Egypt

Year        :2560BC

2) Great Wall of China

Location: China

Year        :700BC

3) Petra

Location: Jordan

Year        : 312BC

4) The Colosseum

Location: Rome,Italy

Year        : 80AD

5) Chichen Itza

Location: Yucatan,Mexico

Year        : 600AD

6) Machu Picchu

Location: Cuzco Region,Peru

Year        : 1450AD

7) Taj Mahal

Location:Agra,Uttar Pradesh,India

Year       :1643AD

8) Christ The Redeemer

Location: Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

 A  Scientific World

Science is a question mark (?), if anyone finds answer to this (?).There is a new question arises make complicated imagination.There is a thousand of galaxies in which our world act to exit.Wonders all around,Earth is the only planet in our Solar System that has life on it. We have not yet visited the other planet,but have sent remote controlled probe to explore them.These probes have radioed back picture of these planets to us. Our Solar System is a small part of the Milky way,which in turn ,is a small part of a large Universe.


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