Barrister Babu 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Bridges telling Bonita to enter the dark room and not to be afraid to be with her. Bonita is scared. Trilochan thinks how long it will take him to pray for Bondita. She is worried for him. Saudamini says that we have a good time after a long time. She tries to catch him. He goes to her and says that your intentions are no longer hidden from me. We can’t deny you. I have a proof. She remembers the wedding invitation. It gets worried.

Bondita enters into the darkness and prays to Durga Maa. Anirudh’s come that you did very well. Teach you dance in 1 day. You will quickly become an expert. Why did this card be hidden? I knew you would participate in an annual volume dance Smile giving an invitation card for a dance night. He says that we will participate in the night, we will win, we will practice every day, we remember someone she says You have to teach Bonita, don’t worry about me. I get used to dreaming. Gone is never what I want Bondita to say that I am not afraid here, I will impress Kanha. The bridge asks people to come and the ear gets the answer to talk. Trilochan says Jai hai when I get them So my head will be over worrying, Bondita gets nervous after seeing the insects inside. Milk falls in the room.

Trilochan comes. He drank all the milk. He seems very happy that I can fool the responsible. I want to tell something. I am worried because of my daughter-in-law. She argues a lot. She mischievously innocent sharp mind Vali is worried for her future, Anirudh says that I would say that I will manage my studies and our dance and our dancers will fulfill their usefulness, they will not be disturbed. Dance practice will be finished in 5 days, then I will teach her well. Think you’re mine i know you Did not give.