Barrister Babu 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Trilochan playing against Anirudh’s will. She says that she doesn’t trust you but I do. She says the bad part is that he doesn’t trust me to make me a good jewel. He asks to concentrate. He thinks his plan worked. She smiles playing with a spoon. Anirudh asks Saudamini to rest. Her father stops her and says Saudamini was devoted to you. She gave you her life. You know what happened to her. I used to be happy and sing songs. There were colors in her life. She was lost these days if she fell from the roof today. I told her Anirudh says I care about her. I don’t know. What is the reason his father says that we are the reason Vinita waits for Anirudh. He prays for Sudhamani.

Anirudh gets upset. Sudamani’s father scolds her. She says that he dreams about you. Broke all dreams she tolerated it and became your friend but when she gets hurt every day So she will be shattered. I am afraid she will make some mistake. Anirudh says I did not let that happen. Trust me her father says that you broke her heart. How will I trust you? Saudamini smiled and gave her dad. Indicated.

His father asks if you are ready to take responsibility for him. I am older than you. I do not think I will join hands to his happiness and beg you for him. Can you give him time, says Anirudh Do not join hands forever and ask Anirudh that he did not go. She says that it is not Anirudh’s fault, you are a friend. I was talking about new business. I am sure as if you are worried about him. Will worry for you too, Anirudh says yes uncle Saudamini tells him to give a diary to Bolta. He will be happy that Anirudh feels that I did a lot wrong with him. He endured a lot of pain but he cared about me and Babita’s happiness. He Bihari says that Anirudh has come home, you can sleep peacefully now, don’t have him Go finds her says no she will have to answer me.

I ask her to helpdo a shattering and a coconut will go. She goes. I come to the request. She says I don’t want to talk right now. Don’t want to talk but there’s a call for you. I tell her to go. She can attach to the coconut there. He asks if it is. He tells her to go away and keep the coconut shell near her ear. I speak as a mother of Khojata.

She says don’t trust you when you are her husband. You remember your words. She says when I was not there how could I know the truth of me. There were two stories in front of me, how can I tell one truth and one false without any proof, Bihari and everyone said so Master Ji was right, I wanted to find the truth and she says I do not know what evidence you give people. Things can be true and false. You are probably wrong. What does your heart say that you think Bundi will lie to you? Don’t you think you should scold him? A approaches her entire Saurabh and tries to help her village. She scolds him and asks him to share. I ask her to do it like a good wife. Harmony smiles Viraj says that we have the whole family. Should inform that she is pregnant says you are right I have sent a letter to her she will come tomorrow we will welcome her well .

Anirudh says that I have learned that the truth also needs proof then the right decision should be taken There was nothing in favor of the public. Sunita does not ask the truth without proof. People understand others and call you wrong. It is not right. You should find someone who is a bad wife. So would you believe in him. It’s not injustice with Bondita.