Barrister Babu 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Bondita asking Anirudh if he would trust anyone against him. Anirudh misses Saudamini. He feels guilty. He refuses. I promised not to do injustice to me. I have to give my responsibility to both of them. I have to give time to both of them. I cannot waste the life of one girl to correct one with the other. No one was a boondi. He falls asleep. He says that I understood you What should I do after talking. He calls Sudamani and says that I have done a lot of injustice to you. I can’t care, I can’t keep you happy, so I can’t see you breaking up. He’s a celebrity You will get my time. She says no, Bondita needs you. She is your wife. You are my responsibility. I am only your friend. She says that childhood friendship is not a small responsibility for me. My time will only increase. half just your second half Bondita.

He happily free Shivraj asks what he said. She says that I thank Anirudh for help. He says that I can do anything for your wish. She also says for business if Anirudh becomes your son-in-law. Your business will reach a height. He tells her to go and sleep. She says that the drama of 1 day has affected Anirudh well. I am a mini. I am not happy for half a day. I am Anirudh and his time is full. In the morning, like this, Bondita prays and says that it is not an easy decision for me. Anirudh wants me to study that Lochan says that I want to be a good story. She wants me to study Anirudh She wants to be with me so Master does not beat me. It is still hurting my hands. She goes to the kitchen. Bihari asks her to make tea. She says it will be easy. I will make it now.

She says Trilochan Ginger And drinks cardamom tea. He gets items. He says that Vinod drank black tea. Somnath and Batuk Drank milk Anirudh drank coffee. He becomes nectar. He asks if you have understood everything. She says yes, she says it wrong. She says that all people eat different things. Eating together increases love. It is a waste of time and money to cook many things. Mummy cooks the same food for everyone. Trilochana comes and says that this womb is our symbol. Everyone has their own choice. She says I don’t have it He says that because you are a girl she says that you said that daughter-in-law is the honor of the family, then why would it even be her own choice because it is right to keep women cook every kind of food but their own Nothing of choice can happen. Trilochan asks that it is wrong to just talk and not work. He asks him to make milk and tea as per everyone’s liking. He goes Bihari says Babu has servants like There is no alternative.

Suramani says that the whole has changed. Mother said that I get the same if the sumani says about dowry, forget it like this. Sampoorna is pregnant. Mama and Mami are happy. They bless Shor. Mummy thinks why she is not happy. Tell me that we are happy with Sampoorna’s gift. We do not want to give goats as country. Mama says whose There is a good news in the mother asks Sampoorna to come with her. She says that she is your daughter. Talk to her. She thinks that I will send Sampoorna as she wants and Shaurya’s wedding in a rich house. I will make Bihari teach Bonita to make tea and Ko milk. She loves everything and smiles. I get coffee for Anirudh. She thinks where he is going. Master ji will not go home when he comes.

Precap :

Bondita asks. That Sauda is not Mani’s father, why he said that I have taken away his happiness. Tell me, I do not want to keep him anything. Give him my happiness, if I know, I will rob Soudamini of precious things, says Anirudh.