Barrister Babu 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update

Beginning the episode, Bondita said that you will be with me, Anirudh says that I know I told you that I have other responsibilities too. She asks what responsibility a husband can have other than his wife. He says that Mini Even a friend can have responsibility for her friend. She says yes Saudamini is your childhood friend. You should take care of her. She came before me in your life. She says that it is not about time but from Bandh is about she says that Durga Maa always takes care of me. I will give her responsibility to Saudamini.

Her father is angry at me. Why did she say that I have taken away her happiness. What did I take away. You gave me my happiness. I knew what I took from her I will return it. She says I have got a copy for you. She says its coffee. She says that it is enough for today. She tells him to say coffee. He gets confused, he knows it. He says that I should go. She thinks if Master Ji will beat me again So he does not trust me. He says that I will come back soon I promise but you promise me you will avoid studying and you will be a good student.

She says Master ji is bad you look at him. He says I I promise to come back in time and see Master ji. I spoke to your mother on the telephone. She said that Bondita is good. She prays for her. She says that you will not say this time that I am good. I promise you will not say your promise. He says that I will not live, I will come back in time. Anirudh comes to Saudamini and says that we will go to the doctor. She says I will not go. What people will ask. Have you studied to think about society? She says that people will taunt Dad. He says that I have not let this happen. Nobody will go about it. She thinks that the doctor will know the drama.

Trilochan asks the rules to get the dog out, Bondita goes and smiles on Bihari Gang Trlochan scolds Batuk, says Sudama ni, you promised to be with Bondita, I did not come in between her studies. That is your first responsibility. She says that you are my equal Master 3:00 pm We will come back soon don’t you trust me trilochan says you will get punished. Bondita smiles and asks will you remove her but batuk says i didn’t win he cries trilochan says \ boys don’t do that.

Its girls name is she says Geeta but flour is eaten by both girls and boys when there is difference in grinding when it is not eaten. Trilochan then argues, she says sorry. What punishment will you give her? Trilochan says That they will not be given breakfast. Butuk says I feel hungry.

She is a mother Mummy says that Saurabh does not see anything wrong. Sampurna says that she is saying that I cannot get pregnant. Mummy asks why Sampurna Says that they are not close to me, I should get pregnant in them. She cannot see the picture in the given book but the symptom is to say to the mother that you mean Saurabh said that both of you have not come close. The whole says that we do not come close as we are saying, when both of you are not near. So the mother does not mean anything to you.

She explains to Sormana, and sees Mami Samporan pretending to be pregnant, otherwise Mousi will ask for the goats Sampurna asks how will I lie. Surmani asks Mummy to leave. Her husband is waiting. Mami tells Sampoorna to take care. In a few months everything will be alright. Germany calls Viraj’s phone to go to Viraj goes. Surmani feels that when I will leave Sampoorna, Bondita says Hai I will help you Bihari says you always complain about Bondita. She is sharing her food with you. Her heart is big but Batuk says I have a big heart too. She jokes laughter.