Barrister Babu 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Trilochan who asks Bondita to come for household chores. Saudamini makes an excuse to avoid the doctor. Anirudh says I will force you but today I will take you to the doctor. I am tired of talking. She is sleepy then Lochan comes. She says I was grinding chilli. See this way, he says that there is no hurry. Do it well, you know what we can make mango pickle by this Like she nodded. She says that your hard work will be useful for you. You can eat it. She remembers beating Masterji. She says I don’t want to study but I have promised Anirudh she wants him That she can beat if she wants. She says that you can come after beating. I will guide you to become a good duodenum. You do not have to rest the chill before grinding your class. He goes to.

Vinayak asks Why did Saudamini go to the doctor, she must have asked me to arrange a fake checkup now, she can refuse Shri Shivraj says that Anirudh did not tell us earlier Vinayak says that if he knows she is acting then he will hate her. Shivraj says that maybe he handles the matter. I know to hide the truth from him. Vinayak says that a mistake is expensive for him. Bondita talks to Peele. She gets tired. Saudamini comes to the doctor and thinks what should be done. I work to talk to my imaginary friend. The doctor looks at her. Hai. She comes inside the cabin and acts strange. She introduces herself as Anirudh’s wife. Bondita leaves work and goes to look after Peele.

She says Trilochan saw you. She is hurt. She asks. That it is hurting you and he takes care of yellow. She puts turmeric on his wound. Feeds him some food. I rest him in the basket. Cover the doctor. Damini has no illness. He has mental problems. It is a matter of whether she met with an accident, did she get any head injury, says Anirudh. He asked the doctor if something happened. She passed with one hand. Some wounds are internal. Anirudh tells her to say clearly. The doctor says that I think she is very sad. She is not happy. She is mentally hurt. Is the cause of his problem mental stress can make a person crazy Anirudh’s anxiety increases. The doctor says that someone has the ability to see and hear Anirudh remembered Shivraj’s words Saudamini smiled.

In front of Trilochan from Bundi’s fort She tells him to come. I don’t like her. He names her Bebo. He asks her to sleep and take care. Dr. asks Anirudh to spend time with Saudamini. Is she unhappy with him? Does her wish remain unfulfilled? Anirudh remembers Sudhamani’s words. The doctor says that if you give her happiness, if she is happy, her illness will be cured. When a person goes through mental stress, vision becomes weak. You take her to the country for advanced treatment. Our country does not have to focus on mental illnesses as much as a good husband May I love her, I have seen that if the wife has a mental illness, just the love of the husband can cure her. Anirudh says that you are wrong. Saudaminir is not the wife. She is my childhood friend, but the doctor says, Said Sudhamani says that we have to leave. Bondita’s class is about to start. Come soon, Master will come. I don’t like if you lie down, thank Anirudh and the doctor goes.

Why does Sudhamani not tell lies that Anirudh is her husband? Sudhamani thinks to win Anirudh Geeta says that Anirudh promised that he will sit with me but Master ji can come in front of him. Master ji comes, she worries and thinks where Anirudh is.

Precap :

Master ji has bondita. Is beaten up and says where is Anirudh the yellow master attacks ji and bites them.