Barrister Babu 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Anirudh telling me the keys to my car. Saudamini says that I will check in the clinic. Bondita says that Anirudh will come soon. She said that she may be a little late. Did that I will come on time Master ji studies Babita and says to write that she waits for Anirudh and cries Saudamini weeps and says that you have to face obstacles due to my illness, I feel bad. Is that you can’t keep your promise. He remembers the doctor’s words. Anirudh does not ask him to cry. She says that we should not have come here. He says that now we can’t change it. You don’t blame yourself. She thinks I have the keys to your car, time and attention Master ji scolds Babita. Pandita remind Anirudh of his words. She thinks that if I run away, Anirudh will consider me a bad bonita. 

Saudamini will give a man his ax and rope Keeping looking she says that you worry a lot for me, look at me You just hurt you don’t think i should die don’t come after me he chases him he takes the ax she stops him and asks if you got mad how did you think about dying what happened to you What is going on in my mind, I did not see you so much, he asked if anyone would listen to my heart, I did not beat you so much, she asks if anyone will listen to my heart, I have always spread happiness, how will I show my pain Nobody cares for me. Dad is a businessman. Dida likes to bear the pain of being a widow. She will also send my pain. He asks that I am a Bihari Bhakti.

You don’t think I can share your pain. How did you say that? She asks who cares for me. She says I do. She asks who I am for you. You have many friends. He drives yes but I love you I will always love you. She smiles and cars. He drops the key, he says that my heart says that I love you in the morning Thinks what I said. He remembers his marriage with Bondita. Master feels that I will prove and that Bondita is evil without him and Sudamani will be glad that I worked his name. He scares Bonita and makes her escape. She says that no. I will not agree. I promised Bonita.

Anirudh thinks to convince Sudhamani that she said everything she shouldn’t. Sudha Mani did the acting Surya. She says that we have to go home Should be you should be with Bondita. I didn’t do anything wrong again. I don’t remember what I did. He says you didn’t do anything. We met the doctor. He said you’ll be fine. He sees the car key. He says how come here she says we should go home. Bondita has class. He goes to bite. She says Anirudh loves me. She has said that Bonita cries in pain. Pet dog wakes up and looks for her. She prays Master ji beats her and cuts off her hand and tells her to stop the dog. Tur turns and runs away.

TriLochan says why Master ji is running away. Maybe something was naughty. Mastrji sees the dog with Trilochan. Lochan is shocked to see the dog, the dog goes and says that he cannot do anything. Master ji says the dog is bitten Geeta says that the dog is my friend. Lochan asks Bihari to save him. Departmental Anirudh comes home. He says that I am late but I am sure Bonita is good she is studying. Hoagi outsider says I will tell you that he will notanyone, don’t worry, bite Bihari asks Lochan to choose his dhoti, takes the dog Anirudh looks at Surmani says that I have sent the whole to the good news.

Will bring Saurabh feels that she is not pregnant Sampoorna comes home. Surmani asks what Daima said ok Sampoorna feels that Daima said that I am not pregnant and now thinks to tell them Sampoorna says That the child is fine and health Saurabh thinks why he is lying Viraj comes home And gives Shagun a gold bangle. She says you are good daughter in law to give us rain. Sampurna smiles and takes her. Viraj gets angry and throws her. I have lied to her. Daima told me that you Surmani is not pregnant. A drama happens and Viraj says that Sampoorna was lying to us.

Anirudh asks what is happening that Lochan says that you have come good. Our mind was ruined in the ruined house. Do not know how the dog came into the house. Who won says that you are not supposed to run. The dog runs after you. He will not hurt anyone. He is hurt. Trilochan asks why are you defending the dog. Master. Ji says that he has everything he cries and asks Anirudh to look at his hand. Mad dog has bitten him.

He says that Bonita has bitten him with a mad dog. He presents me to teach him. Anirudh asks How the dog came home she says that she is my friend Bebu, I brought her home because Masu ji says that you You have heard that you have found her a crazy dog. She is naughty. She did it so that she does not study. Will you not tell her anything? Anirudh says I understand that you are a stubborn and bad girl. You don’t value your teaching or sex Let Masterji was teaching you that your mother is not taught. Apologize to him. Bondita says but I have it, he runs on it.

He apologizes to Master Ji on his behalf. He takes Bihari to the doctor. Says Master ji says that I will be treated. What will happen to this bad girls who will teach him. I do not think anyone will come. He leaves. Anirudh says that you are not ready to accept your mistake and apologize. Why have you forgotten the teachings of your mother, have you forgotten? Bondita says that if the mother says that it is wrong to bear wrong then it is a big sin. I have not made a mistake. How will I forgive? It means that I accept my mistake. He has asked, “Didn’t you do wrong? Why do you have arrogance? I also think you are naughty bondita.”

Soyou Bondita shall say that I am now if you did not become bad Babu You promised me that you will take the time and sit with me he remembers his promise, he says that you do not come when Masterji were beating me You were not with me, you said that you will come on time, have you stopped Master ji? Now Babu has seen my grief, you all are angry at him. He has saved me from beating Master ji because I applied medicine for his wound. Mother taught me to help someone, be it a human being or an animal, if I did it, I did wrong. Babu is better than you. He has supported me. Trilochan says Anirudh you promised me and it did not come that means your fault. You are flying to Bundi. He says that Bondita tells Anirudh that you have to become a good duodenum. Why you are not interested in studies, she will be beaten. She will not handle the keys of the house. Am I right? Anirudh says no one speaks. You don’t stop studying.

Bondita says no if I have to beat to study. So I do not want to study, if I have learned, I do not want to write, will I be happy if I am afraid of studying? Lochan says, Master, you will not come, do not worry, now you concentrate on making a good duodenum because a woman Should be the best in our domestic work. Our traditions show the right path to the palaces so that their minds do not get distracted. Study 1 misleads women. Anirudh says that not only studies can make a woman grow, she can explain me. Is what is right for her happiness, yet you think that women such a life branch, we need to control them. I will not let Bondita be made up of customs. Her studies will not stop. She cries that we Some other tutor can arrange. I will find someone who can give a good shape to your future. He goes that she does not know how other masters will be.

Trilochan says that I do not know what other masters would do. I am wondering how you will tolerate it Viraj scolds Sampurna Surmani feels that her good Viraj has revealed the truth. She acts and cries. Viraj says that we cheated on her. Surmani asks why did you tell me that he lied He is a liar like his parents. He betrayed us. Saurabh, the whole Kovid-19 thinks who will support me now. Anirudh looks at Banta. She says I will not talk to you. He smiles and goes to give her a coconut. He says he doesn’t want to talk about his decision but I want Bundi to talk to his mother, he nods. I apologize to him. He says that I scold Bondita. Bebo is hurt. Not left alone. She told me that you have taught her this. She understands but I could not do it.

Precap :

Trilochan comes to Bondita Lochan asks who are you. Shocked she becomes happy.