Barrister Babu 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Anirudh apologizing to Bondita saying that it’s okay you had to break the promise because of your friend. Bondita forgives you. She can do anything for the whole. You won’t have any problem with this. Is she refuses. She says that you will not mind now. Take care of Saudamini, fix it. He says who will win this time, ask him to study. Don’t do any mischief. She says that Bondita has promised you She will not do any mischief. She is a good bonder. She is a celebrity. She laughs at seeing him.

Bondita walks into her room. She says that I cannot have food. I have not punished Trilochan because I have found a dog inside the house. She feels hungry but comes and asks if you are hungry she says no you have come to make fun of me. You want to see if I am punished or not. She told the name of the sweet. She is a laugh. She says that I did not know that this trilochan is so afraid of dogs, Anirudh gets sad by her talk. She says that Trilochan brings all this in writing, you also write it to me that you are now my wife, you will return it to me. He says why can’t I study, I am not as illiterate as you, you always beat Masterji. Ho he passes the slate. He writes that whenever she asks me I will do it she can’t read it. She tries to read. She laughs. He makes fun of her. Sudha talks to Mini Anirudh on the phone.

She says Hai i’m sleepy i ask her to listen to some good music. She gets angry and asks if you don’t know me i’m happy when you’re with me sorry i disturbed you i’m so bad She refuses. She is a celebrity. She says that I want Bondita to study, you will bring a new master for her. Anirudh says you have said the same. I want to say something. He thinks how to say I got emotional. And all this said she says that I know that you said that you still love me, you are sitting in feelings You can not see my head ache Anirudh says I will talk later I finish the call Saurabh remembers the whole of his mother’s words for a lie. She thinks I cannot say that to lie to me Said Surmani comes and says that this is the answer to the question. Her mother has played this game with us. She is a complete revolution and says you have done this to get rid of dowry. Stay away from me. I hate you. And goes and Mani smiles happily.

In the morning Bondita is busy with her work. Anirudh goes to arrange six for her. A man apologizes and says that I cannot help you. Troubled Bondita and mocked Bonita. I think I can’t do anything. He says you can’t even write an alphabet. He thinks what happened. I am not reacting today. She thinks that if I did not react, he would not bother me. Says what I will do to increase the speech. He sees someone and gets a peacock feather. The boy says that anything belongs to you, you will not come to you, you will never get.

Anirudh asks for his name. Bihari says that his name is Brajwasi. He has a strange smile on his face. He is holding a flute with his hand. Shining describes him and says that he is a great devotee of Kanha. Somnath asks what the hell is coming from Bihar, I am telling the truth, listen to him that Brajwasi has come to Tulsipur. The boy says that I have met Anirudh They say that you are Sadhu Baba. Sorry, I do not believe it. Our meeting is a coincidence. We will not meet again. Braj says that you are educated, so you are the ester once you know the truth. You are running after a success. Want Anirudh smiles and asks how do you know this. Bondita thinks her answer to meet Braj is a celebrity.