Barrister Babu 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The beginning of the episode, Brajwasi says that I was also like you. A barrister who just wanted everything and believed everything Anirudh sees Bondita says that Brajwasi is also a barrister. How to make devotees of Kahana Bihari say that they are from Kanha He got a dream. He got the responsibility of answering questions to his devotees. Brijwasi said that he did not see the idols near his head. He gave up worldly desires. He becomes happy. Anirudh and Brajwasi had a conversation. And you still do not want God’s blessing. Anirudh nods. Braj says that you will still know the path shown by Kanha, you will come to meet Kanha by then you will see this peacock feather as a sign of my statements. Keep Anirudh smiled Braj leaves.

Anirudh says that even the education of Bundi did not stop without you Trilochan does not tell Bondita to be afraid of seeing Boric. Rice is not too much. Just 50 kg of Bundi says that I think it Remember too much Okay you can take the time. No guru will come to eat you now but Batuk comes and says that the new group has come to teach the bandh. Trilochan says that he is not the one who is afraid of dog bites.

Bondita says go And look at the study, she gets scared. Trilochan says that we will go and see who is Trilochan comes and scolds the guru. He asks who are you. Didn’t you hear me that he left the dog on the old owner? If you don’t want money then why are you eager to teach him. Speaks asks if you are offered me fruit and flowers to power Shakti Devi beaten with a stick for that. Is it ready to be beaten to teach Vinayak Anirudh turns to them. Bonita smiles. Everyone is shocked.

Anirudh says his wrong I will not do this. I am the new master for Bondita. Bonita feels that Anirudh is my teacher. Anirudh says that Bonita will study and progress her studies. Sampoorna will not stop and talking to the same she cries Surmani says that she is Sampoorna Will get out and get a good girl for Saurabh whoever tells the truth and he has a total importance goes away and she cries and says to my husband Mani on the machines that we work as the perfect maid and We will send you to earn money, I will do as you say, I will give you the money but you will not get my deal, you will make a place for it, it will be successful, it will fly high, your relationship blossoms and Anirudh smiles.