Barrister Babu 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Binay calling Saudamini, telling her that Anirudh is mad after being locked up. He has become her boss. She tells him not to worry or is mad to get Nirudh. She listens And ends the call. She acts unconscious. Someone looks at her and shouts. I run out. Saudamini smiles. Vinayak says that Anirudh is doing anything for the girl, that girl’s entry like a storm. I have to think something big. Anirudh shows the letters written with sweets. He stares as much as he asks Anirudh what he has written. She says that no one should have studied in such a way that studying in this way. He will not like, he says that I want you to study, Anirudhmake a letter with sweets and then eat sweets.

Reeta to She asks if I can not eat sweets first. She laughs. No one comes and she Saudamini faints again, says to come fast, Bondita tells Anirudh to leave Saudamin Shree will need him Anirudh runs in. He says look at Saudamini and return her to bed. She is a celebrity. He says that nothing will happen to you. She is diary to him. She still loves him. Knowing that she cannot find it, she writes that I have always aspired to learn the perfect ballroom dance for Anirudh, but not every dream can be fulfilled, the desire to learn dance may never be fulfilled. Misses and Sudha goes to Mini. Bondita calls Anirudh on her landline.

She says I need to talk to you that you can hear me. He says yes tell me she says I voice you too I can hear how Bihari’s telephone comes. Bondita said that I know Sudamani told me Anirudh heard the leader and Bihari laughing. He asks her what is it she says I say Anirudh’s voice I am listening when I say mother, I do not hear her voice and listen to her man says your mother She will also need a phone to talk to you. She comes, she listens while driving to Anirudh. She says that I can hear you. Tell me what you want to say. I was worried I had to call Bihari to call you. Said he says I am fine don’t worry he ends the call. He says I will try my best to bring back your smile.

Saudamini smiles. Bondita sits down to write the letters. She is happy to see the whole job. Doesn’t you love me now? Sampurna cries. Bondita asks if you have pain in my hand. Tell me who has scolded me, I will scold her. Sampoorna says that you are young, I have not disturbed you. Tears rushed and consoled him. He said that when we share it, the sorrow subsides. You can give me some of your grief. Sampoorna says that no one gets happiness and I am getting away from my marriage is breaking up Bundi is shocked that Sampoorna says that Saurabh’s parents have a new wife for him Will you get me to work here? I have come to your mansion as a servant. Bondita sees her and worries.

Precap :

Geeta says that I think Brijwasi has come to do your work, we will go to her. Asks her to do her work and she silently goes to meet Brijwasi.