Choti Sardarni 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Aditya says that my mother was kicked out of this house and insulted by her. I will avenge her insults with alcohol and Holland. Vikram says are you mad? Will you take revenge on all of you and Holland, who his father grandfather did? Did talking about Gudan, shame wears Aditya says you have not understood Vikram says tell me Aditya says what will happen if everything is taken away from you, I will take my revenge, Vikram What was right, what is the fault of everyone in what you want, Aditya says you are talking about a mistake, CBI officer who wants to see everyone behind bars at all costs, Vikram says if everyone has done a scam No one can stop him from going to jail. If he is innocent then I did not even try.

He loves his sister. Improve his love for Guddi. Tell everyone that you are his sister. Aditya remembers his moments with him. Aditi Says that Baba ji thanks God or I did not say hello to Guddu but I am looking for him Can’t tell I will tell them this for my wedding Vikram hugs her and thank you

Vikram and Aditya come down you are ashamed you went up. If you feel something bad, I am sorry Vikram says she got emotional. Vikram says that you have given me a lot of love, everyone says that it is my good fortune that you are ashamed in my life as a sister, that we will start marriage, holding Vikramaditya’s hand and saying that we will marry for three seven days. I will do it Surya says my boy is Seema, says that Pandit ji matched his horoscope yesterday. Bandh says that even after that he escaped from the jail even after coming to her Pink says that Vikram is getting distracted. Rana says that he finds out that he is not. Kulwant says leave me as I say Usman fake married my daughter and got pregnant with her. She will be punished. Panditji says one more in the horoscope It is dark, 200 people are given in Vikram’s horoscope, everyone is surprised, but it will ruin his life.

Maihar says What can be more important than people who love each other, Panditji says if you are right on her sister-in-law, if the sister-in-law puts it on her wedding bride, she will stop her partner. I say my marriage It is not important for us to say or the rituals we can do today. He nodded. Maihar remembers when she was married. She was upset, recalls fixing it. She sees Chunri everyday. She hooks them together. Everyone is about to place mehndi’s head. Everyone says that it is a dupe. This is the second Chunri Harleen says that the mother has designed it. I will sit on each other and I will be together. Meherwala tries to be ashamed and helps him. He says that it is very difficult man. When someone is with you, everything becomes easy once If you find a thief then another is easily found. They separated it together and wash their hands.

Meher says quickly Karo Maihar says that you are less than you and time everyone says you make me very sweet. They separated together everyone makes everyone the same. Maihar says you are forgetting Aditya You have to wear it, everyone says that you are looking very beautiful. You have not looked back at the beautiful till then. I kiss her on the forehead. I say let me know that Aditya comes, everyone claps, just congratulate Aditya all. Aditya says that all is best Vikram Vikram says that you have a few days to wish all of you well. I keep my point. Pandit ji says that tomorrow will be engaged and 1 day will get married and sees Vikram and Remembers his reaction to Chunri.