Kedarnath: Rumored to be a lake in Chorabadi, District Magistrate shares picture

Actually, Chorabadi Tal is considered to be the cause of Kedarnath disaster of the year 2013. This has made the people still in the minds of the people of Chorabadi today. A few days ago, a Six Sigma employee made a video from Chorabadi Taal and posted it in social media. This video was seen from Wattsup to every group, after which news of the lake started becoming known in the media in Chorabadi taluka.

Kedarnath: Rumored to be a lake in Chorabadi, District Magistrate shares pictureSix Sigma employees were providing health services in Kedarnath, but even a few days ago, they also went from here and went to Kedarnath to create an atmosphere of fear. The staff of Six Sigma created their own video, not just by the Chorabadi Taal but only slightly above Kedarnath.

Standing next to the glacier, the employee gave him wrong and incorrect information by calling him Chorabadi rhythm. In VIDEO the staff is saying that this lake which you are seeing is that it is the Chorabadi Taal. The main reason of the Kedarnath disaster of 2013 is Chorabadi Taal. Again, a lake has started becoming a part of Chorabadi taluka.

The employee posted this video to the social media and some media workers spread the view of this video as fire, after which the fear of pilgrims traveling abroad from the country and abroad started to create fear and the number of visits was absolutely Dropped from Due to the mistake of some media personnel, there was a huge impact on Kedarnath Yatra. The news of the creation of a lake in Chorabadi taluka without any truth and conviction was published.

After the news came to the media, the administration also came into action and asked to investigate the Chorabadi tal from Wadia Institute, but before the administration, the Disaster Management team was sent to Chorabadi to know the situation. District Magistrate Mangesh Ghildiyal sent a team of DDRF to Chorabadi about the lake of Chorabadi Glacier in Kedarnath Dham.

On reaching Chorabadi Glacier, the DDRF team conveyed to the District Magistrate that there is no lake in glacier and the photograph of the glacier sent by the team was sent. The District Magistrate said that some people have done the work of spreading rumors by giving the glacier the name of the lake. There is no lake on which Chorabadi rhythm is located. He told that there is no lake in Chorabadi. Perhaps a lake can be found on the basement of the glacier, for which the team of scientists of the Wadia Institute is coming soon.