Anupamaa 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Anupama starts the episode to the delight of her children. She says that I always want to support her and stay with her. Paritosh comes to Manraj this morning. Vanraj says I have to go to office Anupama asked her to pass. Son Vanraj is proud Paritosh shakes his head Manraj meets Kavya in the coffee shop. He says that Shama Kavya I was very worried because of Paritosh. She says okay I am home too. What matters is Manraj says that I thought he would not come back I lost him but Anupama did not give up and he got back ruined everything I entered but managed everything. I told him to leave. I was breaking my house but he saved it. Sorry, I am saying this about her passage. She says that I am jealous of her. She says that Anupama is in my house but you are in my heart, I love you like that. She says that I am Love you too see Sanjay and run away Sanjay comes to him angry he meets the client It is said that I got to see a breaking news Manraj says relax, I know Sanjay very well. He did not tell anything to Anupama that he is hurt. I will manage. You trust me a lot. She trusts someone.

Sanjay say that I do not think we will meet this way soon. He goes. He says that I have wished to get my favorite daughter-in-law. I have a mother-in-law come in. I will get Anupama’s daughter-in-law I want Anupama now coming in the middle. Mama ji asks her mother to be a good mother-in-law. She jokes that she can never be a daughter-in-law, she can never become a mother. Sanjay is angry Manraj calls her Sanju Anupama calls.

Ba, sees Anupama on the phone, Manraj gets busy with his number. He thinks of taking Anupama in confidence. He says that his number is too busy. Anupama says that I make Vanraj’s clothes cheaper for me. Love working for it. How did you call? Do you want to talk to Meenu? She is with her mother. Don’t worry about doing homework. Say that Sanjay also does not respect me. He is all right. Sanjay says yes I have seen he asks if I tell him everything. She goes to the chunk of Summer .

Nandni Logic she asks are you missing me he says yes i miss you never come she says i will come i can’t see you very happy i didn’t do it because i had pest control There is no way I will not miss her. Vanraj comes home. I ask Anupama to fetch water. She says that Sanjay had called. He gets worried. Sanjay says that he ties all the rakhi for me and Anupama says she considers me brother but I could not do duty. She went to a cafe shop. Vanraj says that you are not aware of the matter. She says that she did not tell me in detail. Sanjay says that What could I do? Yui did it for her. She says that the food festival is happening in the cafe. I said that I can compete in the food festival Vanraj is not doing Dhaka smiled. Sanjay asks what is the use of the truth if the house breaks down. How could I have told him that his faith is wrong. It seems that I knew Sanjay would not tell him the truth. Sanjay says I will do my duty. I will talk to Manraj about this. By the way, I see a man leaving Pakhi at home. She goes to Pakhi and Bobby Kumar.

Bobby says that my father has a big business. Mother says that he should focus on the son. He is not telling what you are wearing. He says its fashion tells a story. She says that a person should be of time. It tells another story. Pakhi holds her head. Sister-in-law goes out and asks. What is it, he says, come home, I will understand what he needed to take home. Everyone was watching. The rest says that he is my friend. Anupama asks what happened mother says she was insulting us. Pakhi argues Anupama asks her to apologize to her mother Pakhi says that sorry Bapu should realize that she is wrong and leaves uncle .

He asks Neenu to go in and play. He says you have given him freedom. He controls Pakhi. He comes to the state and asks what happened Anupama says nothing. Mother says that Vanraj should know that his daughter What is the uncle doing? It is not a big deal. Mother says that sister-in-law has left Pakhi at home on her bike. He asks whether Ba says that he was holding his shoulder. Vanraj asked Pakhi to come Anupama says that she has just come from school. Pakhi comes. Vanraj asks what is going on. The rest thinks that maybe Mummy had told him about cigarettes.

Precap :

Sanjay says that we do not know when small things ruin everything. Let Anupama think Sanjay is worried Sanjay argues with Vanraj.