Anupamaa 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Anupama sending Samar out, she gets a packet of cigarettes and she asks Pakhi that it is yours Pakhi says no my friend you put it in your bag to annoy me Samar. I do not trust. I do not smoke. Mother swears Anupama says that there is no need to take an oath. I know you will not lie any longer. Now Pakhi hugs her and thanks her for trusting Anupama. She says that trust is like the traffic of dhotra. You should also trust me. You should not hide anything from me. You tell me first, I will not leave those who bother you. The rest says, please do not tell father.

Anupama says that I Don’t tell you promise me you will tell me everything Pakhi says promise promise Anupama says get ready for school Pakhi says that I don’t want to go. I am missing Paritosh Anupama says she will worry. Do not do Pakhi says that you think Anupama said that I believe sister asks Vanraj if off It is not ready to go. Vanraj says no. I am in a lot of pain. She asks if I should put a bomb. She refuses. He messes up Kavya. She says you do not want to go. Paritosh will come home. Ganapati Our trust is not broken Ray plays the horn of the car and listens and goes to see Ware sees Rakhi Samar thinks if he tells them about him.

Vhanraj sees the neighbors and goes to talk to Pakhi he plays. She says do you like doing this? She asks her to talk on the issue. She says that your son Paritosh leaves your house and comes to my house. Anupama asks if she is there. Rakhi says she He is apologizing. He is saying that I love Kinjal and cannot live without him. I was begging him so much that I had to give it to him. I explained to him that no parent left the girl for the sake of listening. All he has to accept and I had to accept Manraj is angry, he asks me if you want to marry him. Are ready and the newspapers say that I was ready but I kept a small condition today. It says it will not be fulfilled. She says I know so I put a condition and Paritosh agreed she did not go on you mother What is the condition Rakhi says that if I want to marry someone, then they have to become our house Jamai. She goes to the Chowk. She remembers agreeing to her position at night choosing Kinjal. She says that for him Don’t worry, she is happier in the house and lets go from there.

Anupama asks to listen to Vanraj. Manraj gets declared and says that Rakhi’s house has to be passed. We have nothing to do with him. He is dead for us. No one will take his name in this house. Everyone wakes up, but he remembers Vanraj. Pramod comes and looks at him. I ask that you reconsider your decision. No one is happy to leave their parents. He looks at Rakhi. She says that I am trying to save Kinjal and you are talking to me. I tell you that you are also Kinjal but not his father. He will go home as a consolation father is the father, can you get him back then his mother says that he has taught me that faith is the greatest strength of mother, I will make sure to bring her back. The father says that Vanraj Said he did not come back. Mother says she loves reading. She also wishes that everyone comes back. She meets state poetry. She asks if we will go long drivers. We don’t have a chance to tell us.

Mila says he was busy with Anirudh. She says don’t get angry with me. I’m trying to do something to you. I started arguing. Let her handle her family and tells her she wants to go. They have gone there. I am worried. Mama ji asks her to trust Ganpati. She prays for her mother. She comes to her house and says that it is good to call her mother-in-law but do not make me a stranger to my father. Believe it but Raj’s rights do not say that you have left your mother and father, you have given up and will take you back. Kinjal smiles and she says that I am not asking you to break any relationship here. I am asking you to make a relationship in the right way that comes between and says that I and my son did not come between .

Precap :

Anupama. I will fulfill my promise to Kinjal, I have come to take my son home. She takes Paritosh home. Vanraj stops Anupama and says that both of you have crossed the limit and get out of this house.