Anupamaa 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Vanraj finding Pakhi, she asks him if he is right to take and leave the poem, if his friend dropped him then why is he wrong. 1 also runs a state. Now tolerate any abuse. Will not be done. I do not speak to your father. He says Anupama spoiled all the children. Pakhi goes into anger. Anupama asks Pakhi to argue with Vanaraj in a loving manner to convince her she is already hurt. Says that you can never be my friend, you are just the wife of those secrets, you have told them about me, I am sure you told about me in a cigarette pack, Anupama says no, the rest says that you It was the rest of the fault of the garden. I think you only love your sons, you worry about him and not me, you got a job in school, I was called, you did not take any stand for it. I scolded you’re great you’re the best you ever hate me can not be my mother Anupama cried.

Ba It is said that we do not know when a small mistake ruins everything. Sanjay comes and says that you are right and says that we were coming to topple Sonu, why did you come? He says that I think this stress Born, she says no, I don’t mean she looks at Vanraj. Sanjay comes at them, says I had to come on time or else it gets late. I would get into the coach. Anupama says I was scared Sanjay says that Vanraj was caught today I mean at home otherwise he comes late from the office. His mother says that I will get something to sit. Vanraj says we will come now. He takes Sanjay and says many times What we see is wrong, she was very worried. She was sharing her problems. I said to her that the truth is that she is a very good friend of mine.

Anupama says that Sanjay is looking worried or I have thought it. Relationship is wrong. Vanraj says that there is nothing like poetry comes home. I know him well. He is a family friend. Sanjay says that I am asking you to clarify. I want to remind you that there is a difference between a family friend and a family Anupama takes food for Sanjay. Sanjay says that you are older. I can only request you when the head of the family makes a mistake to bear the whole family. Doli and I also have to go to the office. We have allies. There is trust between us. We know trust gets pitched on breaking up. Sorry but Anupama is like my sister.

Her happiness is about trust and family as I am her brother. He is talking, his heart and home should not be broken, he comes and Sauri says, I have come in between your words. Sanjay says no, there is work in between. She goes to ask Sanjay Vanraj the origin of his destiny. Lucky for Samandar falls down from Nandini’s bed. Nandini steals her. She says I do not keep an extra whether it is physical or emotional. He says don’t ask me for help. He goes Anupama asks Sanjay that she is worried Why does Sanjay say that there is nothing to worry about, he says that I am for you A. I will pray that I wish everyone was as good as you. I consider you my sister. Remember I will always stand with you. He walks away with Meenu looks angry.

Anirudh says Yamraj did not call what is the problem. That you are fine. She gets a call from Vanraj. She asks if Sanjay said something. Raj says that he came home, relax. I handled everything. He says that I am very tense. Vanraj says you should not worry about us. We have to live in a public place. Everything is fine. It was a man-to-man thing. You don’t need to worry. I have to answer to the family if needed, so I love Anirudh’s saying that the relationship with married man is only X is closed you can’t make it relation.

Precap :

Samar says don’t know what will happen now Paritosh will pass and takes sleeping pill .Vanraj scolds Anupama.