Anupamaa 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with a conversation between Manraj and Anupama. She says that Pakhi did not eat good food. He felt bad that you scolded him. Everyone’s friends come home, even yours. He asks that you also taunt me. Wants she says we should trust her. She says we should convince her. I know it very well. She says that you have her data this time. She says you scold her bad day. Anupama says mummy Like radio which runs all day. Children listen to mummy and do not impress. Father is like cinema. It affects a lot. He is upset. He says let him be upset. He has made a mistake and abused me. Have we given birth to them or have they given birth to us? So she left the house and is watching the pakha ravi. Her mother says that the anger of the children is like boiling milk. We should control it. He asks if I should ask them Should be afraid.

I say no, it is our duty to explain to him that he understands with love that he would say Okay, I’ll talk to him in the morning. So the businessman thinks to talk about the solar panel. He says that the mother is at fault when the children make a mistake. Be careful if they embarrass us, I forgive them and you. Not done. He goes. She thinks that maybe this is not the right time to talk about Paritosh’s marriage. She says that I will fulfill my promise. Samar finds her passing him playing guitar. He says that you look sad. Ho tell me what happened .

Paritosh says mummy is not doing anything. I left Rakhi’s house because mummy had promised to talk to my father about my marriage. He says you can see dad’s anger But the mother is not helpless, she says I am like this, how will the marriage be? Samar says that she is confident she will keep trying until she finds happiness. She is handling everything. You did not give her respect and for her Expectation of fulfillment says when you are in my position, I will ask you that I cannot even talk now, I think I have I came back and made a mistake, I love you very much tomorrow, I don’t know what I will do. Don’t marry me.

This morning, Paritosh thanked Vanraj when everyone had a meal. Vanraj tries to talk to Pakhi. Pakhi acts rude Anupama feels that Vanraj loves all three children. What should I do? She asks when will we talk about Paritosh and Kinjal’s wedding. Samar says I also want Paritosh to get married soon The penalty for this is Paritosh smiled Anupama asks if we will go on Sunday, he says angry No Paritosh asks what do you mean.

Vanraj says we have not aligned and we will talk if taxes also come for talks They say yes we are the groom’s family. Paritosh says if they do not combine then I am not married. Sorry, I want an answer. My life is getting affected whether you will marry me or not. What will you do? Will you leave home, do you love your heart, doesn’t she love you?not left his house for you.

He has he says that he is right. Vanraj says that look at him, his wish should be fulfilled. He asks me to take care of him with gratitude, but he says that if you know how to handle it then the thing will not get worse. But she comes to you, she lied and took me home and asks her to think once, she comes that father thinks about your size. Mom thinks about her happiness. No one thinks of me. He does not think that his mother says that we are doing this for you. He says that you stop lying. You have brought me here for the happiness of my husband. Rakhi has agreed to get married. I regret coming back hom Anupama.

She says I told you that I will make everything right. Give me some time, she says that father does not value you. Does he value your word? I am sorry to come back, he will leave Summer for him. He says he is just going out, he is not leaving the house. He goes. Balraj scolds Anupama. He goes. Ba also scolded Obama. Mama ji says Anupama’s mistake. She is not to blame. Samar marries Anupama. She says that your father and brother do not get angry. They are worried. Samar says that Parishosh is worried. His behavior is not normal. He is not in the right position. He said that If she does not marry Kinjal, he will do something. I am scared for her. She remembers her dreams. She asks him to go and see her, goes away and prays for her so thatfor her return home.

Anupama asks Is that why you came back Pakhi says that I thought of going with Neha but Neha left before I stopped going to school Anupama says that everything will be alright Parishosh doesn’t know where Pakhi says you are It is not a matter of concern, summer is our favorite and then I am getting gratified with the remaining love Anupama says that mother’s love never diminishes Pakhi says that father and I are not close to thank all of you Hears the rest says that I don’t do anything Anupama welcomed her Kavya says sorry to me maybe I am wrong time I have come but I wanted to see if Nandani just left Raj said that we will go together, is it love? His mother tells him that he is gone, perhaps he has forgotten the merchant. You are worried about him. You know everything you know about him.

Friends, the rest says that everything is acceptable to Dad’s friend. Kavya says that I do not appreciate your tone, says sorry there is no time for me. No one is objectionable about Parishosh and Dad’s friend coming home. It is not a big thing if my friend comes home, then explain to them that my boy can be a girl friend. Both of you are not a matter. You never break the trust of your mother. Explain to them.

Precap :

Parotosh┬ácomes home drunk and Anupama goes to the Chowk. She looks at the sleeping pill Vanraj said Anupama Kunda. He says this is your last chance. I give you 24 hours. Don’t make a mistake this time.