Barrister Babu 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Beginning the episode, Master Ji said that I am glad that you told the truth. He tells Bundi Ta to sit. He will start studying. Bihari says that he is a good person. Anirudh gave him the right. Saudamini wakes up. And says to Anirudh Anirudh looks after him. I ask him to take milk. He says that you have fallen by the hour. Do you know what happened? She says I do not know I am dizzy and she faints. Done, I was not watching anything. Mastrji shows sillets and books. Mudit asks you to touch the book on his forehead. He starts teaching it and tells him to write it carefully. He holds his stick. Is and Babita is scared she thinks where Anirudh is, Anirudh says Master ji will come in some time 14 months, she stopped her and said she thinks you can’t go to Banda Nandita tries to write. She asks if I will be punished. Master says that no, I forgive the students for the mistake first. You write again. She is a celebrity. She also writes again. Wrong. She feels hurt. He tells her not to make a mistake again. I come to her by beating her hand. She thinks my mind is not working. Where is Anirudh.

Anirudh says that the first day of Monita’s studies will be at Somnath’s place. Saudamini says that yes she will get courage. I will pray that she learned the best, Master ji rebuked Banta. He says that I have a mantra to teach you a lesson. This stick she cries now Saudamini works again The request says let me see she says go to echo for my sake Somnath is here to take care of me He says that you are really very good Vinita’s whole sister. Babita says now that I don’t want to study, she runs away. Saudamini asks Somnath to fetch water. Somnath goes to get up from the bed and goes to make a phone call Vinay answers. Thank God you picked up the phone, I have to tell you something. It tells him he smiles.

I say that you have good I have done what is the plan. You are a good player. I have thought about it and have a better RS ​​Janak. Waits for Anirudh. She says I will tell her that Master ji is not good. She beats me. Anirudh comes home. And hears his cry. Vinay comes to Master ji. He says that your student has run away without happiness. Master ji smiles. He says that Saudamini fulfilled his promise. You could have done it easily. Why did she choose me Vinayak Says that we do not dirty our hands in small things. Your name was good, you will get money for this, you should teach in the same way that he is afraid of the name of studies, he hates studying. He should get it to accept that Don’t want to study.

Anirudh comes to Bonita. She asks where were you to tell me something. I don’t want to meditate. I ask why she says I don’t like to study. Mastrji is bad. He asks what happened. She said that she has beaten me with a stick. It has caused a lot of damage. She shows her hand. He asks that How dare you do this? I will talk to her. I hear some voices and run to see. She also goes to see. I see Masterji tied up. He asks who did this to you, everybody comes there. He frees Master ji. Master ji looks at Bondita. Anirudh and everyone goes to the square.

Anirudh says you mean Bondita has done this. A little girl can do all this. Will anyone believe you? Trilochan asks. How is it possible Vinayak says let us know about Master ji. Anirudh asks why did Mudita tell me that Masterji has beaten him with a stick. Master ji says it is a lie how can I beat him? Anirudh asks How do I believe that you are telling the truth. Masterji asks why I will lie. I have come to teach her but she is very naughty. She has tied me up without speaking. Smiles think that she is lying to Anirudh.