Barrister Babu 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Trilochan who shows the key to Bandida. He thinks he has only two weaknesses. His mother and Sweets. She will decide to get the keys. Anirudh is worried. Saudamini says I know Dad should not have told this. Didn’t mean he said angrily why did you give Bondita the data she was crying and went away. He says that I feel bad Kaka made him an outpost. How will he study after getting so tired? She says I know. She is very smart. She will study well. She says she is sharp. She argues and asks questions that the elders do not have such questions. She talks about change. I hope there is a right for women. She will find her place in this malevolent society and become one. Inspiration for other women Bandita thinks that Bihari calls her out. She is confused and remembers Trilochan’s words Anirudh says whenever she When I argue, I think there is a barrister Babu in front of me. He does everything well when Masterji comes. He tells everything. He is a celebrity.

He says that Vandita and Master ji have their own stories. I have to find out whose story is right, I will find out Bihari provides help. Taunts bad help. He says that I am a servant here. I am afraid of Trilochan. He says that he will punish you. He laughs. She cleans utensils. She ties the spoon to her sari. She is the key to the house. Thinking like this, he feels happy, he asks him to get water. He says for sure. I tell him to get sweets. He says for sure. I order him. He. He laughs. Anirudh says Mini.

Saudamini She says that Master ji had beaten Bonita. She taught me. She told me that education is given with love, not scolding. Anirudh says yes she asked me what would you ask. Why does Bundi lie? She says yes but Bonita Can not do this, maybe she did not want to study and did mischief. She is also young, maybe she is like a doll. Th wants to play I will quickly understand what is good for her Anirudh says I understand I will sit with Master ji and Babita tomorrow I will see if she is really naughty. Some girls get a chance to study girls faster She does not get the chance even when she is educated, she can create a new society for women. I really want to end the day of education from her. She should get knowledge, she will become an example for everyone. Must be a barrister Babu Mudita. He smiles. She thinks all of you are also worried for her. I will not let that happen. I will make her naughty.

Bondita laughs that I looked like a queen. Okay she lives there. Is that I will do between books and Kunju, Lochan looks and smiles Saurabh and is afraid of and sends the family out. He gets the books from Harmony, sees and gets angry and he tells them to come to the mouse. Gaya and Mani scare Sampoorna and drop her the book. Aarab examines and asks how such a bad book has been found in the house. Viraj says that Sampoorna was reading a book, why Sampoorna says that he gave me he asked me to look at the pictures in the books because I am not educated aunty angry. He beats the noise, the whole cries. He sits down and pours Gangajal on his head to cleanse him. Geeta says what should I do to the request of the request. Can I go against his will. He says that your utensils Cleaned well you will soon become a good duodenum smiled happily .