Kasauti Zindagi Ki 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Samidha who asks Anurag to assist him. He is scared and turns around, sees him and laughs. Prerna comes there and sees them. I tell her to go away. I push her And helps. I push her. She says I’m doing this. Why are you coming in the middle. She’s a brave girl. She tells him to wait. I ask how you got hurt when I When she sees Anurag, she says contract, she says that I did nothing. She says that I happily went to her and fell down. Anurag runs and says she is hurt Prerna helps. She also closes her eyes. Lei does not ask what happened he says nothing give ointment he asks if you are ordering me he says yes my daughter Dia says I drink the best of the world you are weak you children. He should not stay around, tells the buffalo to be healed and says that I am helpless you were scared. He says that inspiration can do nothing Prerna and Anurag buffalo. They understand who she loves the most. She smiles. She asks if you are two husband and wife. Anurag and Prerna remember their marriage. 

Komolika goes to check the door. Now she gets some paper. She thinks that Anurag will have to sign it and then I will be done but she does not say so much that Priyanka says that she takes time with her husband for child and asks him for the baby which she loves more. Motivation gets depressed Umrah says we did not break your trust. Contract asks how you are hurt. He says last night. He asks to be healed with inspiration. He says okay but she says so much Ok he doesn’t need me. Contract says he’s hurt. He thinks I’m really hurt. Contract heals and tells Prerana to blow it up. He thinks that contract is a stranger but like a family Looks like he is changing me. Someone who has increased my motivation and my fights plays. Send him in the car. 

 Anurag says that you like her right she says that I don’t want to talk because you made a mistake. I will check if you are involved in it. I know you are, I will not leave you with constitution. Anurag also leaves Monika, looks at me and thinks that I am angry if they meet me first, we are not happy they do not know what they have given me to try because I missed the words about Peepli’s investigation Asks she says it has started he thinks thank god she will come to know that I am involved but her name will be clear

Prerna takes Samidha home and asks why not Priyanka Aayi Samidha says she was busy in the ashram. I came to see you. The guard saw me something is right. Prerna asks her to never lie. The constitution says the whole stomach does not say you have a surprise for this. Guess it. Samvida asks her to say Prerna gets her favored Rasgulla thanks her and I think I like it maybe I liked it because I was in my mother’s womb. I think I like my mother. I remember my mother thinking she is with me. I show my clothes. She thanks the print. What is it that the contract says that Priyanka says that I was wrapped when she found me. I think it is my mother’s choice.

Anurag gets hurt she misses Samidha. Kamalika comes principal Calls her and says that investigation has started. She says that it is good. Regarding the reputation of the college, she says that the phone records of Kaushik and Manish will be checked. They say if they are relatives of the trustee, then I should Doesn’t matter. Surely says thank you. Mahek looks at Malika and asks what happened why did you come. Did you stay at home. It’s nothing interesting. She says that there is one thing that is interesting.

She says you did not say goodbye to me. I turn her away. She says that I came to know about the college case. They sent the papers. J They need your signature on these papers. He stays alright. He examines the papers. She hugs him. Abe tells him to go away. The peon comes. He accidentally drops her on the tea table. She gets angry. He goes to the peon Kota says that I have signed the papers, you go I will handle it. She is a celebrity. 

Precap :

Komolika says that Prerna will fall down. I have come to the battlefield. Prerna asks Priyanka how she came here The man says that I will disarm the ashram, Priyanka tells Prerna about the demolition