Kasauti Zindagi Ki 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Samidha. I said that I went to the market and that many people have seen many people with Chunri buy the same Chunri but it is special. My mother, please find my mother. Inspiration thinks that I have become emotional. Common she says that we will definitely find her. Komolika says no inspiration. Hugged my husband. Anurag hugs you. Its not my fault, you guys force me to be bad. This paper is the key to my happiness. She thinks I want to ruin the joy of contract. Anurag bought the land of the ashram and gave it free of cost. He made a lot of donations. You signed the papers and wrote that the time to throw the orphans out will be the ashram arrangement. Cried i want water i will go and i will meet i am your guest. Inspiration says no you are my reviewer she thinks of taking help of priyanka to find her mother she can help me with details she says i You will know about your mother, Samidha says I know You will find her. Thank you,

Prerna says, don’t worry, I will raise her. I know the pain of losing someone. I lost my son, I say I will raise your daughter, I promise but weep so much. She cries for her. Sorry to hurt your heart says Prerna says no you can’t hurt anyone’s heart Shamitabh really asks I thought you are hurt Prerna says no Shavika says we will go to Ashram and meet Priyanka. The man says I will reach the ashram in 15 minutes. I have legal permission. Now we will demolish the ashram. Amolika says good. I like people full of confidence. Make a video for me. I want a photo to shoot someone video. Say he says it will be done. Komolika says that I am very happy Prerna comes to the old ashram and meets Priyanka asks Prerna goes to play with a girl. Priyanka says that the children are getting stubborn. That I think is different I wanted to ask you How Priyanka’s call came here, she missed it and said, “No, stay there, I am coming. She says that they are destroying our ashram, I will come now.” That she will try to stop it.

Prerna yells at the municipal commissioner. He can’t hear her and ends the call. She says she doesn’t know about it. Priyanka asks the woman to just pack the stuff. Prerna has Then he calls. He says I understand you. I ask where the children will go. He says okay I work I will talk to him. He looks for him. He says give me some time I will see what I do. Can America says that they remember the landowner’s papers, it has orders to demolish Anurag’s ashram, Samidha says why are they breaking our house, why are they doing it, she cries Priyanka says you Came in front of the bulldozer and took the risk. I did not let you do this. Inspiration says that I will stop them, Samidha hugs her. And says don’t go but it says okay I’m here with you. Directly stop them without going to them. Motivation hugs him and thinks who did this cheap work.

Mohini asks are you alright Monika says Is that Prerna wants to bother me. I forgot that I am Kamali’s no one asked me anything. I will make her very unhappy. Prerna then calls her to the man. The man says that he stopped working and nothing collapsed. Will trust me, she says that she is still doing thanks. It is closed. She says that it is permanent. You cannot save the ashram for more than two to three days. She says okay I will call you later. She asks the lawyer to come soon, she hugs Samidha and comes to cry, she does not go and asks Anita to say to Tej, I get Shivani’s call, she asks him to answer the call. He answers.

Shivani says that my mehndi tomorrow you can send mehndi and Ronit says and wait I tell Komolika about it. Says sorry we don’t have any culture Shivani says just mehndi hai raheen hai we will send someone to pick up. He says I will call you later Suman offers to Shivani. Shivani smiles and goes without thinking that she is going to the ritual Should think about it and 19 would not know but Komolika knows all you Ronika says that she bothered me. Kamalika shared her plan. Ronit says it is unbelievable that the ashram is ruined. What does Anurag say? That he is in the room with us. He does not know just that he is busy with work. Maybe he is allowed and forgot. He says that we should be thin for better information. Stay with them to delay the information. And there will be a big rift between Prerna.

Precap :

Prerna learns about Anurag. He comes to confront her. Komolika stops him and says that we have submitted the demolition letter. It will be Prerna accepts the challenge.