Kasauti Zindagi Ki 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Komolika who comes to see Anurag. She is in the washroom. Rohitash says that permission is there but I will confirm with Anurag. She answers Mr. Rohtas’ call. He asks for Anurag. She says she You are in the washroom. You can tell me I am his wife. He says that I wanted to ask if he wanted to demolish the orphanage. Any orphans live there. She says that I am sorry for that. I spoke to her. had made it a great trader and want the benefits she Committee casehave discussed the matter is that you start your demolition he says yes she disconnected and having said what motivation you’ll cry.

She says inspiration Is that the lawyer is coming, the contract says that we go to our house, Prerna says that I feel like being home, I will help you, you are like my daughter, I hug Samidha. The contract says that you hold my hand And promise me, but she says that we will do something different, I promise Pinky Priyanka becomes emotional and the lawyer Yes, Prerna comes to her. She says that I have sent the letter to the Municipal Corporation Commissioner and also appealed to the court. She asks who is trying to do this. They say that the owner of the land behind it, Anurag Basu Is pregnant becomes Anurag asks what happened you have my phone.

Komolika says that you are getting calls. I answered the commissioner’s call. She invited us to her son’s birthday party. I refused. Rohit and Shivani have a mehndi tomorrow. They say don’t leave my phone next time, I will answer. I think I did what I wanted. Priyanka says that how can she do this Anurag’s land. She is a good person. I can’t believe that every year we donate to us. Advocates say that Basu Saari is making a consignment here. The orphanage is covering half of the land. Whatever he can do, he owns the land. Priyanka says that he was a nice man and then a businessman, maybe its a personal reason why he how can break our home.

She thinks inspirationIs that he is killing Samidha for hurting me. She is trying to take revenge. The lawyer says what will happen if we talk to her, she will know tomorrow. Prerna says that our fight I want an answer from her Priyanka She tells him not to talk angrily but screams so much that Coshik gets hit by Coshik. He holds him who speaks then plays. She says that I have come for some work. I ask him to ask me What is it? She says that my father is in Bangalore. He is coming home tomorrow. I do not know what he will think if I stay at home I will not feel bad. I will leave the stone and study somewhere. He asks that you are leaving college.

She says that you know what happened to me, I leave her in a better position. Prerna comes to Basu’s house and Anurag runs. Rakhi says that maybe Anurag forced her to behave like that. Mohini gets angry at inspiration, she remembers Kamalika’s words, she says that you need to join it No, it’s not stress. Its business gives daily. I have some work. You go away. Inspiration asks where is Anurag. Komolika says that she is the person outside my bedroom. Prerna asks where she is. She finds Komolika.

Says everything is fair in love and war. She has given you a feeling. She hugged you when you cried. I was angry to see both of you in that situation. Then she told me what she was doing. She was playing with you. She said that she enjoyed seeing the broken inspiration again. She wants to build a mall. Stripped of her land. I have tried to talk to her. She is cold hearted. Why are you very interested. Is there anyone? Prerna says you are also involved in this. Monika says okay we have done this work together. What is the situation there? Tell me if he collapsed Prerna says I have stopped the demolition. I will save the children from their ashram. Will not break Amolika says that you try it will be done, whatever you do, inspiration says that I choose this She accepts the otti and goes away. Monica says that you cannot save your daughter. How will you save the children of others? Prerna says that I will go this time and will make the house of the same contract Nivedita sees.

Precap :

Mohini says There is no response about the ashram demolition. Nivedita says that there are many homeless children. Komolika scolds her. Prerna says that I cannot save my daughter but I will save you this ashram Samidha asks what happens to your daughter.