Kasauti Zindagi Ki 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Cookie saying that Madam said I can’t leave college until the investigation is done. She thinks I did it. She cries. I know you didn’t do anything. She says that Everybody thinks so but not Madam over authority. She said that I can only get a rusted letter. I can’t wait. I say what I have to do. I can threaten the principal and get the letter for you. She says that its real world if you want, you will go. He says that we will go to Kali valley which is my favorite place. Prerna cries, Samidha comes but weeps so much and says that I do not give my daughter I could have saved nothing for you and this ashram. Sambandha asks what happened to you. Motivation thinks she is really it. She asks if you have come alone. Sambandha says that Priyanka had come to show me the papers. Wanted to tell her that never stop me from meeting you. Inspiration says come, I will tell her.

Kaushik thinks he would say Is that I never liked that girl. Why did I feel that I can never see her again. She is short for me. Kaushik thinks about Khushi. I call her and say that I asked you to say sorry. I do not know what you are thinking about me. He says that I can turn around with anyone but not you. You are smiling right now. You are not like other girls. You shout and get angry but you Sweet lovely be nice to heart it says that you disturbed me earlier he says you called me cheap i don’t understand that you are not like other girls she says you are unnerved so i did not ask Why am I different? She says that you are Bajaj otherwise I would have told you why you are different. You know a lot but not everything. She thinks she is different from other people.

Priyanka says sorry for coming this time Nobody will be ready to help us, so I come here to tell Priyanka with the contract inspiration, says Prerna Yes, I will tell Prerna, Priyanka asks what is the meaning of these papers, Prerna says that you do not need to worry, I will take care, I will take rest, Shivani’s Mehndi Priyanka thanks her and gets sad she says that you have given us Inspiration saved from the storm says that no storm can harm you. Life will be back to normal. The contract says that the promise cannot be broken. If the promise is made then the people are separated. I know the promise. I will never separate from you Priyanka says that we will be inspiration. I will send a driver for you.

She thinks Anurag has crossed all his limits. I will ruin your business project. The media will know that you have an orphanage. I have to do it. She reminds her of losing her daughter. Movie I don’t know why Rakhi is worried about motivation. Nivedita says that Komolika can’t do that Mohini says no one reacts to the demolition. It is not necessary that Nivedita says that you Saying we are talking about an orphanage, we are also happy we get everything we want but there is a border. Komolika has crossed it. Komolika comes now.

Nivedita says that Anurag Can’t work like that. Kamalika says Mohini. Explain to her that you should not take that stress. She says that you are living in your brother’s house. You can have the possibility of a full marriage. Mohini says I will explain to her. Komolika says that you You should learn to behave like me. Mohini says that Veena called. She wanted to send mehndi through Mahesh. I said we will get it. Did I do it right? Komolika says yes Nivedita calls everyone like Nivedita. Just look at her says Mohini Is that you can’t behave like that. Keep control of your tongue. You can treat her like when you marry a rich girl.

Inspiration and conversation takes place without saying that Shivani got Rohit. I am worried for you. Prerna says everything is fine and go to sleep without saying that you should ask your mother Should not hide, says that Samidha’s ashram was being friends today. I stopped it. The owner is Anurag Basu. He saw me with a contract and tried to ruin it. You must be thinking that I am seeing an orphaned child. Why am I getting emotional? I have got some connection. I see Sneha in the contract without hugging her. She says I can understand you love that girl and hate Anurag Singh. She did wrong tomorrow. Mehndi We should be happy. I will treat Shivani’s in-laws well. Vina smiled and said, Take care, sleep now.

Precap ;

Veena says I also feel like the contract is like you Prerna says she looks like Anurag. The contract says I am red I like the color I was draped in a red shank when I was dropped in the ashram. Anurag remembers and says that you are my affection.