Kasauti Zindagi Ki 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

Komolika and Ronit start the episode with each other, she says that you always sacrifice for me, I do not want our bond to catch a bad eye. You are marrying Shivani for my revenge. You are my dear brother. Ho he says i trust you dad and miss didn’t support me you’re too young for me i’ll always be with you she says i know she says i had to ask why we could ask for money We have got the CEO position as a gift. You just want to annoy Bajaj. She says I understand I will not give up the profits. It will not be a dowry but like a favor we will get it tonight. Mohini and Nivedita Aata Mohini says Is that we are ready Price and Kaushik need time Mallika says we will go together like a happy family.

Suman applies mehndi Shivani asks her to get mehndi Suman says I have a lot of work Shivani is happy Inspiration joke Veena says that Shivani is very happy, I want her life to be full of inspiration Shivaji says Bajaj gets a call and Rohit will get a mehndi pleading that Mr. Bajaj said something Prerna says that his flight was canceled. He cannot come without saying your sneha is coming. He sees the facility. Veena says that I also think she looks like you.

Prerna says not to tell that she looks like Anurag Veena says yes. The constitution is a hug of inspiration. Reading tells her to apply mehndi. Maasi has to help. Veena hugs Samvida. Samvida says that all the elders cry, Prerna says mummy missed someone and weeping Priyanka asks them to manage the guests. Just that comes Veena I think I am not like you but I have to respect you for Shivani. Mohini argues with Veena. Prerna says that she gives me mehndi with self-respect and honesty.

Anurag looks like everyone goes for ritual. Moula Vicky Paused and asked do you know me Cookie says yes he asks you Why don’t you talk to me make me friends. She says that you were in a wheel chair at the time. She says that you didn’t talk at that time. She says that I don’t remember how I started talking. That I started working because of your father that you say that my father is really good. He says that I am a good business. My friendly motive is to ask what is Vinay sells to him. Molu says I want to know how Sneha is where she is.

Kaushik comes to me. She says that I am scared, he says sorry, he sits. He says that I am sorry for my mischief and everything. She says that you Sorry to fool you then I realized that I was being hard. Well you appear the same way you are. She says we are clear niche or more confused she says I mean you are a good Man be he says i’m not a good man i ask i’m saying.

Monu says if he fell for her with koshik he took kaushik with him Priyanka goes to ask if I can ask you something, can I ask Anurag to demolish the ashram that Monika says that I tried to talk to her that I felt bad she is not listening how is the contract Priyanka She says she is not sure what has happened to Anurag. Sorry, Radish says she does not talk to Anurag. She is left. She can do anything in anger. Priyanka says thanks for understanding me. Komolika Feels that she will come to know at the right time. Anurag sees Samidha decorating. He helps Kajal. Kajal thanks her and walks away. She says that I love the design, I am proud of her, she gets hurt. Tells her to tie her thanks. She says that of red hawik she says that I like the new color. I like the red color. Maybe my mother’s favorite was Durga’s mother’s chunari. I am red after laying in the ashram. the recall was draped.