Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aaliya and asks Riya why she is crying and says that you will be glad that you survived and Prachi is arrested just comes there and asks why are you crying Priya Father says you are asking me how I am feeling. I say if I tell you that you are not my address but no less than my father, how will you ever feel that you feel bad about my dreams If felt, she said to feel bad about Aaliya’s saints, Riya says that I am serious right now says that I cannot share your love with anyone if I consider Prachi as my daughter. Is that I love her less. He tells you both don’t ask like the eyes of my two who is right and who is left. Alia says that she is upset and says that every daughter is upset. I say that she Still childish and says that I have to help Raji to get out of this problem that he is a thief and a criminal. I know you like him. Ni stop helping him. He says that my heart does not agree that he is a criminal and says that it has been proved that I love you more than him. He says that the police arrested Prachi Kiya and took her but I have not come to you and followed Prachi hug her and go.

Vikram comes to Ranbir and tells him not to take his mother’s words seriously Ranbir says She is not like Prachi and has stopped me from going to the police station. Vikram asks to relax. Ranbir asks how do you do a girl here again in the police station. I ask if she made you upset in the office. Vikram says that if your mother comes to know that I am taking your side then what will she do? Aryan says that we will think what Ranbir will do that you would have said that he says that you have the nerve of the thief Can’t investigate, Ranbir asks him not to fight and tells that Vikram is in the ancient jail and asks him if he is your mother. Aat does not believe and runs to meet Prachi Ranbir says why didn’t you tell me earlier Ranbir hugs him Vikram asks him to decorate a girl Aryan says that you are afraid of your aunt too Vikram says I am saying this so that Ranbir is able to meet Prachi with Tej, he goes down the window and goes to Narayan. He tells Vikram that you are afraid of his aunt even the moment .

Vikram says no, even the moment Vikram is scared the ancient .Why ask the thieves that they lie to all that she says I do not know you said to steal money from them then why did you do he will say what my mother and other people and hear the taunts of people She says that where I work she is like my family and tells them to tell the truth, she calls him brother and tells that he cannot send her to see her crying and Sanju refuses. I tell them that the police have arrested them. Sanju asks them how the thief tells him everything. Why do you take Prachi’s name? Are you crazy? The thief tells that Aaliya asked him to lie and offered ₹ 200000. He says that Prachi is looking very innocent and tells that she is a recent incident police. Is thinking to tell Sanju not to take his name tells loudly to get out otherwise they can not hide the irrigation for a long time Santosh arises whether you are threatening me thief says If for his recent.

Vikram lays Aryan on the bed and gives him compulsions, rather she comes and tells Vikram that like you stopped him, Ranbir is angry with you, tomorrow also says what I did wrong Vikram says Prachi helps Ranbir in Maya’s case even tomorrow. If Prachi is wrong then I will tell him wrong. I am about to pull my blanket Vikram asks him to give him some time and about Ranbir to give him some time. Begins to say that I have never asked you anything in 25 years. Give him some time. Play also says okay I will give him some time later. He will talk to me and Haryana will ask Vikram to get his sweat.

Vikram says that he does not sweat,comes to the Sahanapolice station and asks the four how dare they lie, he kills them. The constable arrives and asks them to sit, Prachi tells her to go home and informs the mother, Lady Constable asks Prachi to sign, which tells the other farmers insult them. Tha I ask what Sanju said. The other thief tells that Alia Madam will take us out.

Alia comes to Riya’s room. Riya gets Sanju’s phone. Hari picks up the phone. She tells that her men are arrested. He wants to talk to Riya. He tells Aria that he does not trust his high and asks her to keep distance and asks him to tell if he has anything to talk to Sanju. That the thieves have committed many murders and now I can ever feel that Alia asked her to stop It is that what you promised is not fulfilled. He says that I have not found Prachi and my people are locked up in jail. I ask him to appoint lawyers and set them free. He says that I will think what Ranbir and Prachi have to do. He asks to send 20% commission with that area. Alia says okay okay asks Sanju to arrange a lawyer and tells that he will come at 2:00 pm.

Pragya reads from Sarita why Prachi went to the police station. Sarita Bahn says that Mr. Mehra must have called her and says that she is a good person and she comes and knows that they went to Mr. Mehra’s house and we are also thieves. Came when asked that quitting had taken his name but asks where is Prachi Sahana says she is locked in lockup. Pragya chowk.

Precap :

Pragya gets angry on Mr. Mehra and she tells that he forgot that the ancient If she remembers how she stood with Ranbir in Maya’s case, I would not arrest her. Ranbir asks Prachi if she thinks of him. Little say i say when you are not like me what did you think of me .