Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins by talking to his lawyer right now and asks why Prachi is not getting bail. The lawyer said that his bail is difficult because his mother would also be convicted for the theft that took place in his house right now. Pragya goes to the chowk, Pragya comes to the office and tells that she wants to meet Mr. Mehra, Sarita calls Pragya and asks her if she met Mr. Mehra and asks him to remove her less. She has to listen to me today. The receptionist informs Abhi that someone has come to meet her and is angry right now asks the receptionist to wait for her. Now she insists on meeting Pragya and an employee going to her cabin cries Pragya Hai Pragya asks her that if she doesn’t want to make a scene then she should let go. The employee comes to Abhi and informs him that Prachi’s mother has come here and is very angry that Abhi gets a call.

Rania Riya Brings home and asks if she will bring anything to put on her foot. She tells Ranbir not to be ashamed Ranbir says that Riya is hurt the moment also asks you were in the room Riya tells that she met Ranbir at the police station and tells that Maya had come to meet him Ranbir Prachi She remembers meeting him and tells him the moment also says that you met him Alia calls Korea, that the plan was exactly the way he thought Alia says that Kishan ji had called him Riya tells that Sanju gets caught today even the moment she gets upset with Vikram for letting her go. She asks to meet Ranbir. Ranbir tells that Prachi is very upset with her and may have broken up with her. She says that He is not like her. It is all over. He says that I will not meet him again. He is upset and Prachi’s relationship is broken the moment too and Vikram goes after him. Pallavi asks him to open the door. Ranbir leaves him alone. Pallavi blames Vikram for all this.

Ranbir pulls the bed sheet and finds Aryan in bed and says do you Ranbir meets Rachchi says yes and tells that he saw Sanju at the police station Vikram tells Pallavi to leave Ranbir and tells that as acting and round are friends and when we fight for 2 days They do not talk. They say that Ranbir and Prachi will talk again. Ranbir tells Ranbir that they will talk later. Blames Vikram and goes and says that it seems that she left here and tells that if Had Sanju been there, he would have been involved with So Percent Ranbir says why did he come there. He was two hundred percent involved. Pragya is going inside the present cabin when the staff stops but Pragya tells her to go her way.

She comes near and tells that the moment she saw Ranbir sneaking through the window, she was hiding from me because she was not like Prachi, she says that Prachi was badly insulted then she was not even impressed. Tells that he used his old card to tell Prachi everything. She says that Maya told that Ranbir Asks for money from her. She says that I knew this and Prachi was screaming at her and Ranbir says that it is all over. Their friendship is over. She tells that everything went well as she planned. God She is with them she tells that they are not looking at each other. She tells that she has won. Alia says that she sees him happy and hugs him. She asks him about Sanjay Beck. Alia asks him about Sanju and his men. Asks for the money she promised and tells that she must have gone but Sanju asks me not to come Haryana calls Sanju Sanju thanks him for saving him and his people Riya asks that From where did Sanju bring the money, Sanju asks him to come to his house and tells about the location of the key Riya says ok ate it tells her to be careful Riya tells that God is with her today .

Sanju feels that It is good that Ranbir is not behind me Ranbir says that I am behind you, I intentionally went after you and you ran away. It is clear that you are involved in this matter. He says That I fix everything and then Aryan’s questions have forgiven everything. 1fb is shown. Aryan tells Ranbir that the thief was his man. Then how Sanju got involved. Ranbir tells that the inspector said that Prachi is not the master because If she was the mastermind, she would be given bail earlier than the thieves. He explains everything and reveals that he tried to catch Sanjeev and then he gets an idea and reveals that Sanju’s address is in the bail papers. Aryan says that you will get FB from the police station ends. Ranbir says that I got your address from the police station and came to know that you had gone to arrest him. He says how do I track you down Sanju also in my car Hai and tells that it is not easy to track her so she brings this bag.

Pragya comes to the present cabin and asks that you are not ashamed. You have ruined my daughter’s life and told herself to be busy. She says That I told my daughter that nobody is good in big cities but she didn’t believe me she says that You called her as a family member and asked if anyone could do this with her family member. She says thatnot have been in jail today if you would

Prachi wouldhave thought of Ranbir and think she would Will not understand her feelings then what to tell her. She thinks she loves it when she is with him. Her words are her stupid face. She thinks if I love her true. She thinks that it can’t be love. Because someone falls in love. I think I’ve given up on my sleep. She thinks nothing feels good without her. If she gets upset she doesn’t do it and wants her to be with her. She thinks If Maya had not come, I would have told her that I love her. She says that I love Ranbir and smiles. Pragya looks at the lawyer in the present cabin. He asks who are you. Pragya says that She is Prachi’s mother and explains why she is feeling more pain. He tells that she is focused for him. Pragya says that you Saki has not taken care and you have not arrested her in front of your eyes. She says that you must have talked to the lawyer instead of passing the time. 

lawyer says that you are misunderstanding me. I am not the one. Pragya says I have given you Misunderstood and told that you told the secretary that you are busy. The lawyer tells that he is not Mr. Mehra but his lawyer. Pragya asks him to speak. He shows his visiting card and tells that Mr. Mehra is gone when Ranbir Calling them, he tells that he was referring to the same case as Prachi on his mobile. Pragya said sorry. The lawyer says that I can understand that you are a mother. Pragya feels bad right.

Precap :

Abhi and Ranbir comes out of Sanju’s house. Are right now Ranbir tells Ranbir to go inside the house Ranbir goes inside and sees Riya there, he sees each other and goes to the square.