Kumkum Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Shahan telling Pragya that Prachi is in lockup. Pragya asks her to tell her where Mr. Mehra was when Prachi was arrested. Shahana says that she was also Pragya asks Sarita that she did Prachi Why was Sarita called to arrest her at home? Pragya says maybe I can understand everything. I am the owner of the company and Prachi is just an employee. She says that they call her at every function and She was treated like a family member. She says she understands everything. She says she will not be arrested if they consider her a family. Shah na says that Mr. Mehra Pragya says she has something in her favor Don’t even want to hear.

Ranbir comes to meet Prachi she says you come to meet me Ranbir says yes I have come to meet these four Changu and Mangu I say I came to meet you I tell you that sweet for him Had brought the laddu, he says I have stolen from him. She asks do he say that I secretly brought you Am I taste him Prachi turns to Bhau and grabs Ranbir’s hand in an attempt to get the female constable out. It is not come this is it but what happens if Laddoo is bad then I thought you Would you like Prachi says I thought you are upset with me Ranbir says when you came to meet me in lockup, you were very angry Prachi asks why you did not call me Ranbir says I swear I am talking to you Wanted but thought you would be angry Prachi says that I called you but you did not pick up my phone Ranbir says that he did not get any call. Maybe his phone is busy Prachi says that she is upset with herself Ranbir tells that when he did not talk for 2 days, he missed him so much Prachi says I thought about you a little Ranbir says if you are not like me then get angry with me and join me then you Why do I think Prachi looks like.

Sahana tells Pragya that she will come with her, Pragya tells that I will go alone It says that if Prachi had resigned it would not have happened Sahana says that they have fired her. Pragya says why they threw her and says she wants to prove her thief says Prachi felt bad Will Sarita Sister says even you wanted Pragya to leave the job. Sahana says that she did not hear me. Mr. Apache wanted to protect him. Actually his sister accused Prachi.

Ranbir says that my It is hard to praise me for telling her if she is not irritable. Prachi says why do you think you are lying. She says you should be suspicious of me. Ranbir says it was obvious And you say as if I was stuck in the case of Maya molestation. She says that you never trusted me. Prachi says that you are flat but he says she stops plotting because she doesn’t like it. Hai I ask him to answer if I bother him Prachi starts praising him and She tells him that she supported him whenever she needed. She says whenever I was in trouble you always stood by me. When I came close to you, you saw my goodness. It says that if you are not with me I would die in a bank robbery.

She says whenever I have pointed a finger at my character you have answered them. She says that you trusted me when someone accused me of stealing. She says that you There are so many qualities, so I don’t see any small thing in it, then say that you are very good. I have not seen your good. I say that you are the best Prachi says that no one can steal to save me. She says I never thought that I would say this to any boy and say that I ask Ranbir whether Prachi says when I was sleeping at night, Chahana said that you are good she says I thought too And I say you Maya asks what you need Riya also she comes and tells that this is not known to Prachi Maya says that Prachi does not know It is said that you have asked me for money to help Prachi.

Sanju comes to the police station with the lawyers andinspector to free the thieves. The inspector says that there are bail papers for him. Prachi is still inside whom Mr. Mehra Wanting to be freed, Sanju tells that he also asked the lawyer about this and told that Prachi is the mastermind of the conspiracy. People settle down to steal the money. The inspector tells the constable to add them and tells that the mastermind Prachi is not But there is someone else who is very influential and powerful, otherwise the bail papers are not here, who thinks that if he gets a Prachi Sim once, he thinks I don’t meet him.

Maya asks Ranbir if he asked for money for Prachi She says that I was crazy to organize it, that she never agrees that she will leave Prachi, Riya took her there and tells Ranbir that I did not know that the woman was unaware of it. Constable asks to be taken away from there, then Mayaria comes out She tells Riya that she needs to return her favor. Prachi feels that Prachi can no longer tolerate that Ranbir has taken Maya’s help. That is what they need to know. They will not talk among themselves. Prachi gets upset and says That you have invited a big trouble. Ranbir says that I just asked him for money. She says that you have any idea and tells that you will sue me and send you home. Riya comes there. And tells him to behave like an employee Ranbir asks him to leave and says that I will how he will talk to me. The constable asked Ranbir to come and said that the meeting time is over. Riya goes to Ranbir College from there. Sanju asks the inspector if he used to live in Hoshiarpur. The inspector tells the thieves to be literate. They ask him to have food and meet him in his place. Ranbir comes and the thieves get out Looks like .

Inspector tells that they have joined Ranbir says that there is a big game plan Inspector says That Prachi is an accused and asks her to get bail Riya sees Sanju and gives him a message to go. Inspector tells Ranbir that Prachi was the mastermind then how someone caught the thieves then Ranbir about the appearance of the boy The inspector asks him, Ranbir comes out and looks at Sanjeev from behind. He is about to run after her but Riya falls for Ranbir, he thinks he had seen that she says I can’t be Sanju. She says let’s go in the car.

Prachi feels bad to scold Ranbir. Pragya comes there and tells that they didn’t believe you but I will bring evidence. She says that first she will punish Mr. Mehra and Prachi will go to Sarita. Tells that mother is misunderstanding her till Mr. hope that they will not meet this time too.

Precap :

Pragya comes to the present cabin and says that you have ruined my daughter’s life and here she says if you If she doesn’t want to be in jail, she looks at the chair.