Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update

Sarla says that she finds out that Myra and Sharleen are planning to kill Mahesh then why she did not tell the family and why she is married to Preeta tells that she tried to tell them and at least tell Karan She wished that both of them were planning all this, but she knew that no family member would believe her. Sarla held her hand, saying that she knew they would not believe her and would not listen to her. Even though she does what Sarala does to stop him from doing that, she is married to a boy from the same family who refuses to accept his sacrifice. She asks him to find out why he does this. Later she will only return and threaten yet she refuses to accept her decision and is married to Karan. Sarla says that she does not have any place for Preeta to leave her house so she should know that she says That Sarla should not do this because she is not that kind of mother stopped bringing Sir saying that she should not talk between her and her daughter Nee should and if she is very worried she should leave her house with Preeta.

All the chuckle on her decision. Salim mentioned that she is happy that both the Arora sisters had such a tall face. Maya said that she would give them both head She wants to see him in pain because they have ruined her marriage and she will be the only one to marry Karan. Sherlyn said that she should ask Karan for this because I am the only deciding authority. I also apologize to Slim but Sherlyn said That she will only accept his apology if she promises that she will never talk to him in that way, Mera promises that she will always stand by him Slim they both plan what they should do next for Srishti Sarla Pleading not to do anything together because she cannot live without her mother has always listened to it. She always does what her mother has ordered her to do, yet Sala admits that she always has to scold them. Is right, so he cannot throw the father out of the house, will show them to take his hand out of the house Throws up.

Srishti asks what she has done as if she cannot treat him. Even in this century, he has strict orders not to talk in the middle saying that she is his mother and even though they are 50 years old. Even then they will remain as their children, so she should not talk in the middle and the reason for this is that she expels the victim out of the house because she has not made any mistake but what is a sin that cannot be accepted. Janaki asks that she can still do this. She replies that Preet can accept what she has done and has the right to do so. He punishes the sick man Preeta for marrying Karan and he She will not come into his house, she orders that no one will talk about it now because thewill not come in her house.

She runs Karan’s photo and says what she said and did what she will do. He wishes he was once again ruined by his brother but he sent Sherlyn who is going to be the mother of his child and now he has Preeta whom he loves So he will take revenge on her and take all the money and fame that he has included his wife and this is the promise of Prithvi Malhotra, the creation says that she sees him. She runs away in her room. Preeta is about to step into the house but when Sarla sees her praise, Srishti comes to the suitcase and starts wearing clothes stating that she will not live in a house where her sister is not respected. She also asks if she knows that she will come with him, but then they both leave saying that they don’t need anyone except themselves. They are both crying. Sarla also starts crying. They are both listening to her crying in the house.

Sarla comes weeping and calls father to hug each other and take away her grief by crying. Sherlyn is taking out the wine in the glass. Maya asks what she is doing. Sunny mentions that it is festive time. Is because she will marry Karan and Preeta will not come back home. Mehra asked why she is happy because she is still not married to Karan Sherlyn says she has a plan andshould come to Grandma’s room when she leaves after some time.

Grandma that shementions that she is now happy that Rakhi has also accepted the fact that Preeta is not in the house She is all still worried as Maya is not able to marry Karan. Kareena mentions that everything will be alright now but Sherlyn comes in. She reveals that Maya is broken just as she was when the victim He tried to stop his marriage with Rishabh ji. He mentioned that he had a hard time preventing anything from happening to him tomorrow. Mehra called out to the grandmother on her way out of the room and said to marry Karan. Kaala will be the only person and it will be announced the next day.

Kareena also says that she came to his house to pursue her dreams. At the same time Karan was being humiliated in the media, so she accepted marrying him like Kareena asks her.

Precap :

Sarla apologizes to Preeta for being so harsh and tells that they are both with her so never do anything to her Do not want to spoil her reputation because they are all one and if she lets anyone destroy it, they will continue to humiliate her. Sarala says that she has faced many struggles in life with strength and she After listening to some comments of Myra and Salim are back, she should not be so weak because her mission is too big