Kundali Bhagya 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Karan stays in his room reminiscing about the vow where I am all the worker protecting Preeta all the time, remembering that while he was being thrown out of the house, he was not able to do anything thinking Preeta. Also sitting outside how he is once again will be thrown out of the house and will not be able to live with Karan.He remembers all the special moments he spent with Karan angrily starts destroying the decor in the room with his bat. Hai and smashes the room completely. Preeta is still thinking about her and cannot stop crying knowing what she has for the future. Karan calls out to her angry Preeta who hears her voice walking. She starts but stops thinking that this should not happen.

I too am in my room and weeping thinking what has happened to her, Sherlyn comes into the room and stops her saying that she did whatever She is also wrong and she should not mess up. Myra says the only reason she was not able to marry Karan is because of Sherlyn. Sherlyn tries to throw Lynn out of the room, mentioning her hand that she has married in this house even when everyone wanted otherwise still arguing is the daughter-in-law of the house and the reason for not being able to become Myra. Was because she was too full of confidence so she lost the battle with Preeta and she married for the reason. Sherlyn asked him not to get angry and fired her at Pritam as she is at the lowest point of her life and Will Sherlyn also chases Maya when she leaves.

Srishti is trying to get an auto but eventually cannot find it and when he finds someone, she has to walk and the key line is Srishti and the driver. Reveals when she is able to Sherlyn she threatens him after which he leaves. Srishti walks in. An argument with Sherlyn mentions that she should not talk to him and she with her sister She is at the lowest point of her life, she tells that they also tried to stop her marriage but were not able to do that. She kicks feet and he falls. Sherlyn mentions her face saying that they shouldn’t do anything like this.

Ramona is in the room with Sanjana and Kareena is crying for luck as her daughter was not able to marry Karan. She mentions that she does not believe and knows that someone is helping Preeta in her family. Kareena gets frustrated with her order not to ever do such a thing as there is no one in her family Kareena Ramona mentions Rishabh’s name saying that she knows that he would have helped her. Kareena says that she should never say that because Rishabh never refuses to obey her order when she asks Sherlyn She won’t say it if she tells him and he doesn’t accept Karan and Preeta’s marriage. Sanjana explains that if she too doesn’t believe in marriage then why doesn’t she marry both Myra and Karan. Kareena feels that she She does not believe in marriage and they both need time to get married but they need time for this.

Preeta is out It is when Maya comes from behind and beats the vase. I explain to Preeta that she has taken everything from her as she wanted to bring Karna’s wife but Preeta has taken everything from him. Is and all she can do for Karna’s love is.

Sherlyn thanks Srishti for this. She once again tried to marry both Karan and Preeta so that she too can become rich but now she knows that Will never happen. Srishti also pushed Sherlyn back, but she came back saying that she should not think as the Luthra family did not accept her and drove them out of the house. Srishti is left crying near the bridge And Slim leaves Srishti saying that Sherlyn is right and everyone who is sincere and honest is blamed for wrongdoings but she questions God why it always happens to them. 

Maya accuses father She has been asking him why she did it because she is the one who caused Maya to not marry for the reason. I would ask her Is how she can come up with such plans as she always causes trouble for them.Mehra mentions that she knows that the entire plan was made by her because she is the smartest of them to anger Preeta in order. She gets that she never says anything against her mother but she asks Preeta what she will do now.Mera says that she can never forget what her father did to her and will not let her even say that she What will she do with him now.

Precap :

Sarla opens the door to find Prithvi. I am shamed that Preeta is once again married to Karan. Mehra mentions that she will be Karna’s wife and now Preeta should go back home and suit And the jewels should be destroyed, Preeta becomes mad, on hearing Maya said that she will not become a member of this society.