Kundali Bhagya 28th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Maya threatens to take out Preeta’s eyes. If she doesn’t stop staring, Preeta runs away and tries to leave her but Maya stops her. Preeta asks her to leave because she wants to go to her mother. Hai but has called so much creation but Maya mentions that she should cry and watch her because she wants to see him cry because after what she did to him she is what she deserves, Preeta sits down and is Karan. Rishabh asks if he too has gone to the Chowk. Rishabh mentions that he is surprised but still believes that Preeta is not guilty. Karan asks him why he still thinks that because Karan married her and He knew that he was wrong but he did it because he knew he was the one behind his father’s accident. Rishabh said that what they see may be wrong and he still feels that Preeta can be true and honest. But the reason does not convince her. Grandma also says that she has ordered security to throw Geeta out if she is around the house. When Karan shows up, Karan forgives that Grandma also sees how Prita is but Rishabh cannot see it and leaves the current and Dadi also says that it is like Rishabh and cannot see wrong because they are really good she left. Ritu mentions that she is like Rakhi who has left Preeta alone too.

Mehra tells that she has married Karan but he will never accept her as his wife so she will have to go back to her house and Will have to take off clothes because he will never be accepted by the Luthra family. He again threatens Preeta to leave the city otherwise she will be given so much strength tomorrow that Preeta will not even be able to stand up straight. I threaten that if Peeta ever gets her When he comes around the house, he will kill her..

Myra is threateningfather that he will have to leave the city and escape with another rich man like he tried to make a pact with Karan and whenever he does that Will try and always be thrown out by girls like Maya, Preeta said that she should stop speaking though say Myra It is true that he should listen to what he has to say, and it is true that Maya forces the victim to listen.

Prithvi said that she is right but Sarla and Janaki refuse to believe him saying They say that they know her daughter and she will never do anything like this, knowing that she tries to confirm that Prithvi says that she should not believe in him but will listen to Janki, she says that she Talked together though Sarla still refuses to believe her but not too much and tries to leave her saying that the victim has once again married Karan but she still has her daughter-in-law with her family Refuses to accept and cast him out. At home he claims that the whole world will agree that everyone is a mental patient because he has married Karan while living in the country and the world is about him. The statement has given an opportunity to say things like that when he married Karan will still believe the same things so that he knows that in the world It will be known that she has been abandoned twice but I will accept her as she knows that she is a person of good character but it is not like this. The world believes that Salman said after slapping her that the world believes that Preeta The character is short.

Sherlyn says that Preeta deserves her praise. She helps him sit in a wooden chair. She says that she is married to Karan and should be with him in his bedroom but get him out of the house. Given, she mentions that she knows and knows what she can and can do for her agenda, Preeta is the one who only knows she wanted to ruin the Luthra family and behind the crash of Mahesh Luthra There was one but the father was not able to do anything. She also said that he cannot do anything against them. She also says that the person who kidnapped Rishabh was the father of her son. She mentions that he told her the only reason. This is why she knows that she who is behind everything but is never able to do anything she also says that Pre Ta must return to her society and cry in her mother’s lap because this is what she is capable of.

Sherlyn says that she wanted to make sure that Sherlyn was kicked out of the house but she is the one She is thrown out. She mentions that a woman who is Pritam wise should not do anything like this. Sherlyn mentions that if the father had listened to her she would have lived happily but she did not. Mehra threatened that if She has the courage to do something, so Sherlyn mentions that she too was unable to do anything while Sherlyn destroyed her. The Luthra family Mehra says that if she had the strength, she would have saved her father Preeta.begins to cry,

Sherlynordering that she leave the house and go back to her mother. Myra also throws her out. Srishti says and push both of them to take Preeta to the auto. Sherlyn and Myra say that they are both their mother. with wept creation begged as not to cry with her sister, they once again left Luthra Mansion. 

Precap :

WeddingPreeta arrives in her dress and has to hug Sarla but she does not tell him. Srishti says it is Preeta once again marries Karan. Janki mentions that she knows that she orders Preeta leaves her home as soon as possible, then Preeta is unable to understand then Sala again comes across her country in anger which shakes Preeta.