Kundali Bhagya 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

Angry Prithvi asks Sarla why he slapped her as she said all those things but not by choice and he has only informed her about what she would say about popularity but still if she slaps him. If she wants to, she can tell him to stop and slap himself after he gets out of the house because there was a time when he became a member of that family but now it will never happen and even if If God says those things about Preeta, she will not listen to him too. Sarla orders him to leave the house or if he wishes.

Prithavi comes back saying that I can kill him if he likes But if I ask her to leave, has she accepted the marriage with Karan to Preeta, then she will leave the house without saying a word. Sarla starts thinking about when Preeta was married for the first time. Saath and he asks her to take off her wedding clothes. She is talking with him when Janaki hai says that she has to leave otherwise I will leave her She forces him to take her hand and but she tries to break free and in this struggle Janaki hits her head against the door. Sarla gets mad at him. He goes to try and see if Janaki is hurt. Sarla throws her hand out of the house. I also leave but gets really disappointed.

Sarla sits on the couch and opens the door. Janaki says that it means that there is a way of storm So she will close the doors and ask that she leave it open as she lets the storm come in their way.

Rakhi always sits with Mahesh and says that she thinks that what she did is right because she Preeta was also asked to leave the house when she knows that the victim has done the right thing because she married her husband but even then she told Geeta to leave because she knows that everyone in her family is against her Is and she can’t see the tears in Preeta’s eyes. She begs Mahesh to wake up because she really needs him because she Kareena is left alone in this world and sees her coming and then mentions why she is doing this because her whole family is standing with her. Kareena also says that she thought Rakhi was always weak but after marriage Preeta’s What he did together proves that he is indeed compelled. The father has actually mentioned in which Rakhi the will power to marry for the reason is unable to listen to her and goes out of the room saying that she has Karan close to0.

Claire sitting at Janaki whether asks that he is thinking about the earth did you say because should not worry because it is actually used to say after exaggerated things that listen to them he Waiting when Preeta and Srishti come out of the house, Srishti asks Preeta to settle herself and then enters. She enters the house and why Sarla goes to see her, Srishti mentions that the victim Is married to Karna but Janaki says that both of them know that she gives a simple order about it. Sura gets out of it as she betrays Sarla’s trust.

Karan is sitting in his room. He breaks the glass by hand and is drinking. Rakhi asks her to stop because she doesn’t want him to be sad or disappointed when she is. Asked to drink she says she knows she has to share something to tell him Karan says he wants to be alone for some time you Rakhi then walks into the room Sarla shouts at her command And she leaves the house and asks what she is doing. Sarla says that it is between her and Preeta, so she should not speak in the middle. Sarla says that the last time she was cheated as So he had convinced her that he loves her because he loves her but what he did is she left him on the street in the middle of the night and he came to mention that she never said anything to him because I knew that Who is the one who was wrong but this time she used to keep in her own senses knowing how they would cast her and make fun of her before throwing her out of the house Is why she did it when she promised that I will only watch the wedding and she has no confidence because she always comes back after being scolded.

Srishti asks Preeta not to talk like this, she is scared again. And about to lock her in the room, Srishti says that they are not children, then Sarla says that it means she is wrong. Preeta says that she is right and it is her fault because she has given them such good habits. When he finds out that Mehra was planning to assassinate Mahesh Luthra, he is forced and it is Sherlyn who kidnaps Rishabh so I can do nothing mention that she is right and she finds out That why she did not tell Sherlyn and Marathi again to someone from the family. It is not her responsibility to take care of them even when they do not want her help. 

Precap :

Sarla is making Preeta out of the house and it orders that her father again Will never come to her house.