Naagin 5 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Jai becoming angry at Veer’s cousin, Birbani tells Basanti about Jai and Veeru Bani says do you know what happened at the climax, she says I’ll kill you He realizes that he has killed him earlier. Naina comes there. Daksha tells that he has found the smell of serpent and he tells Tapish and Balwant Balwant tells Shukla to kidnap him and tells Daksha that Veer Who is not aware of this, reveals that he feels that he has an old relationship with her and is attracted to her. Bani looks at him. Naina comes to Jai and introduces him when the power goes out. Naina Balwant kidnaps the men, Veer ji befriends your brother with the intention of kidnapping the girls, calls Banasya and comes to the check and tells him about Naina and that something is wrong because he He has gone missing, he says that I will first fix the light and then I will see .

Tapish tells Balwant that by putting him, he has stopped this work. I do this with my work. They take the girls to the basement. Jai and Bani take the fuse. Bani tells her that Naina is in danger. She will go and lose her and ask Prakash to fix her. Asks to take care and thinks that he will call the police and will know about Naina. Veer comes out and asks his brother about the father. His brother asks where Bani is while taking Dakshina from there. Veer goes to ask where is Dad. He loads the girls in a barrel and puts the bull in the truck. South informs that coming here Veer comes there and he says that we have got some cookery. Balwant says That it suffers damage. Veer asks to investigate. Naina tries to free herself. Tapish reveals that the color of cooking was white and is also returning. Veer says okay Balwant says that the insult is so much You are trusting your brother and not the father. He comes out and asks Shukla what happened, Shukla says that the explosion in Tempo soon Will.

Bani heard talk fan of anyone else said after heroic its truck out scolds her and say that you did not know had slept it and the wine is not Bani comes out and a voice to Glory She messages that she will be careful and take care. She comes near the truck as a snake. He frees the girls and tells her not to worry. He then ties Naina and frees her hands. Says that she wants to do something important Bani Naina tells the total girls to take them away and tells them not to worry, she says she is like their friend, Naina does not tell girls to be afraid of Bani driver. Koi is scared to understand the evening and she is scared and jumps down the window Bani drives the tempo and stops the tempo in the tempo, he gets down and hears the voice of youth and threatens that if something happens So he will take her life Bani saves all the girls and comes to save Nano. He explodes the bomb and falls down from the tempo. Saves as L and asks why did you go there Bani is unconscious Veer feels that he has never saved anyone’s life and today he has saved her. He has never done this madness before. Looks at him, finds his wings and falls into his arms.

Pandit ji tells Sham that Naina has gone somewhere and asks if he told everything to the serpent that the enmity between the enemies would be over. Hai tells that he is writing the story, comes out and thinks where Bani went, he sees the news and says that he does not. He sits in the car and goes to bring Birbani to her house and puts her on his bed. Sula rings his phone’s bell while he is still unconscious and rejects the call. The phone rings again. He makes the call again. He gets hurt on his shoulder and thinks as lifted. He says that if you fall madly in love with me he says that he is feeling hot when she screams and gets angry at him and not now when he faints K goes on holding the hand and the accident comes on the session and he realizes that no one saved him whatever was inside and outside the Tempo.

Jai says just let me see my friend once and call Bani Bani Chetan Achieve She does and makes him come to bed. She thinks whose house it is and looks big on the table. She calls Ajay and informs him that she is fine but doesn’t know where she is. She says that She will send GPS location, hears Russia and gets upset, Bani comes out of the house waiting and thanks Jaya for coming. She does not see Veer there. Asked how you survived Bunny says That she does not know some angel has saved her. Veer looks at Bani stating that she will bring her earring. She goes back to take her earring but he was not there or calls her. Bani goes with him in the car Veer is upset. He becomes an eagle, Bani touches an injury on his shoulder and gets angry when he turns around and now he has turned his face and as if asking to stop the car She stops the car. She tells me to go there for 2:00 minutes and if I go there she becomes agar and becomes a half-serpent whom the trees fall down.

Jai comes to Bani and asks what the hell Hai Bunny explains that she is feeling claustrophobic. Jai asks how this big plant fell. She says that she had already fallen when she came there when the tea says it’s okay and leaves her home. Veer sees the car and tells Jai she says my family is in danger. Jai says I will come with them. They come home running and see Veer is sitting there, water asks what are you doing here Veer brings my tea, says sugar is less aunt says that she brought marriage alliance Bani tells that Raju Singhania is such a cheap man and says that he would like to die but will not marry him. He says that a Once he has decided, he cannot go back. Bani says that you are not ready for this marriage Veer asks who told you that the marriage alliance for Bani brought.

Veer asks that Does she feel ashamed and says that she likes me aunty says my love is mine says yes I am ready Veer asks aunt to make sweets and tells that I will become daughter-in-law of Singhania and You will become my sister-in-law.

Precap :

Bani and Jai come to the temple. Pandit ji says that God has sent eternal serpent and serpent; Bani dances as a serpent; Jai becomes a wishful serpent; Bani says that you too say yes.