Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Ahana asking Rudra and Parisha to come on a chat show. Rudra says that Ahana wants me to be embarrassed and clear about her admission, but Isha says I would have done it even if He does not take a big step towards destroying the world. The world should know the real Rudraksha. I will do all this and Rudra smiled Ahana thinks that you agree you used Rudra and our status. I will use Rudra to make me a big star. He will never see you. The council gets a call. She worries and gets worried, Ahana says come soon we will have to discuss it. The man says that you are going to the chat shop. I get the old truth of your life. has  listen to me to keep the score patience for me slap you on the shop shall Rudra beat you slap you will blow up.

Remember ask, hewhat he says will be insulted and beat you slap that what I might Saran I will tell her that she is a proud survivor, she thinks who she is, how can I insult Rudra? I have to fix his image if he slaps me. Not yet whose phone it was. She thinks I can’t tell you the truth for refuge. Ahana says you look middle class in Indian costumes. Westerners try, I will say designer. The exam says that I have not worn western clothes. Our words will change the image of Rudra. People will see us, do not pretend our clothes are okay. We have to dress well. I have many arrangements to make them. She goes to Rudra says she will not mind you, you know all of Ahana, Paresh is gone and now says Neerja says that I heard the heartbeat of the child and is a good doctor of relief examination. I am sure Is that nothing can happen for me and our children.

Rahul says of course you are lucky the maid says that someone came to meet you. I ask for medicine because she says I will take it in the morning Rahul asks Yuvraj Is that why you came home? Yuvraj says, I know there are some conversations at home. Why have you lied to me Rahul, is it a lie? Yuvraj says that my exam is your wife’s doctor. I told you why you did not say that Rahul says stop this nonsense, I do not have the time and energy for this I know. I am very upset that you did not marry Rudra at that time. I am a good doctor. My wife is comfortable with her. Will I change her doctor if the exams are your ex fiance. I have no problem with the marriage of Rudra and the exams. They have a cute couple Is getting many tags of Nirja is confident of the exam. How can I change it? He gets a message. He says that there is money going to live show of consciousness and Yuvraj says that this is a big thief. Are you sure? Rahul says will become popular as husband and wife. Does she love you? Did he change? He got Rudra. Yuvraj runs the job. It doesn’t happen. Rahul says it’s happening. Yuvraj thinks to control the pressure. 

Priyasha Apocalypse to work hard in science and get full marks Hati hails back hugs and loves you and comes there hugs the option. He says I need to talk to Priyasha. He doesn’t sell it Sir I ask what are you hiding tell me. Sir said, I understand you believe me. He gets a call from Yuvraj, then he asks, she disconnects the call. I stop her. He says that I am asking you what the problem is. Why are you wasting time? Talk to him.

He answers the call, says there, keep on such a speaker, Yuvraj asks why are you cutting my call call, what do you think about yourself, why are you doing this to the other side, I am here to take you away I am trying to get closer to you. You are understanding feelings for him. You know he cheated on us. Tell me why you do not love me anymore. Take my life, you are killing me like this. Priya sa says I am not doing anything wrong, you can think of anything, I can not help it. I am also he is angry and calms himself I say you can go to the shop, I will see how you do it from Rudrapur. How can he get angry with you? Why are you unhappy? Your prince is upset, says to Priya that there is nothing to see her face. Asked for and did you not? She is not sad. She says that you did not speak well with Yuvraj because I was it. She says that you are not understanding me. 

He asks why you will miss your ex girlfriend. The two love each other. She says I am sad now. I did not expect this from you. I am married. I am your wife. You fought for your character on live TV. You are saying that I am not a pretender. I am a You still think that I have feelings for Yuvraj. Brother says, I know what I feel, then I know what you feel, I know she cries. Balraj says its What we did not say to bring people home during the time of pandemic is that it will give profits, people will see our house and our lifestyle You will know that you must be in love. Anna asks why you are not ready, Chetna’s team will come to set the light, there.

She tells him not to worry, the team comes to set the light and sound. Yuvraj says that Rudra and Asha Who will get publicity? Is there such a reason why Gopal says that he is intelligent if he is happy, then what is wrong, Yuvraj says that you are his father. How can you say that Gopal says that I can give my daughter I know you loved me. You should trust me. Vasu says that you know Gopal says that he did it for the sake of Parliament. I am happy, stop all this. Sit down if you want to see Yuvraj. Is that I will kill you when the time comes. I have done everything to ruin the show.

Precap :

The Man says that you should force Rudra to slap Priyasha is worried Yuvraj says that Jhumar is right Must fall on time Rudra rushes to save Priya Shah