Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Yuvraj asking the man to make a chandelier at the right time. The man says I have worked. Will I go from here? Yuvraj asks him to leave and then he does not call Ahana Balraj. She says thank you as much as where is Ahana says she is Chetna comes and congratulates them Nahana thanks her for having an interview at her house Chetna says that Anand is all mine Is Rudra ready Rudra comes Whom she says she looks handsome Rudra says that I have to do awesome for a great show Chetna asks where is your wife Dr Priyasha where.

Priyasha comes and Rudra smiles seeing me and she gets a call and is worried about Ahana. The man blackmails the efforts about Sir Na and asks for the call to come fast and asks there everything is fine, it says well, he tells her to come. He sits down Priyasha says I have your I have heard a lot about the hobby, Chetna says I have seen you live, you have not made that delivery, you take C is really made for each other. We will start the show. Welcomes money Chetna asks him about joining school with his son. Rudra says yes I want to complete my son’s sinus studies If I hide it, I feel lucky to get a chance. I do everything with my heart. I am sure my fans will understand this and support me how much she asks what Priyasha wants to say. She is my support system so much she says she completes you Rudra watches the interview asks Rahul if he is younger Rudra is mine he says that the business representative I know I am looking for it Priyasha not you Know that her husband is your biggest enemy. He says sorry, I will not stop. Don’t stop me. If there is a lie, call me. He goes.

He calls Yuvraj and says that the show should be started. Did you do anything? Will Yuvraj say that I have done what I want Rahul to say? If you remember remembering that it will not be closed, then what is the happiness that Yuvraj feels that Rudra will die today. Chetna says that interesting escape allows him to go on trial. He asks them about each other’s consciousness. He asks what is his biggest weakness. He asks and thinks that I thought money is his weakness. I was wrong. He says that his biggest weakness is he thinks that I thought girls were his weakness but I was wrong. She tells the truth, Chetna asks what he is afraid of. It says that the lizard is the person Rudra jokingly says so much that tell me his secret which we do not know Priyasha says I have no secret Rudra. Says think again Priyasha says I’m sure he gives her a hint about Pet Bedi. She says not so much that you have to tell us that you love there, prove it and say there. That you have been to me. Actually I did not say I left Priyasha looks at him. He thanks her so much. It is cheating but it is very sweet. You lost the game and won in love. I will give you a chance now too. Tell me who is Priyasha’s favorite singer.

Priyasha gets the message and is worried and Uttara says that I Her favorite singer is Chetna asks if this is right but it says it all wrong. I am not a fan of Rudraksha. I am not like any of her songs. It asks what the hell is as much as it asks if you are serious but it She says I don’t like rock music. Rudra asks what are you saying. Priyasha says that everyone has their own choice. I don’t have the right to share my feelings. Chetna says I mean Rudra says she Just kidding i like my music but it says don’t lie if i’m your wife it doesn’t mean i say good about you there is nothing in your music its the real music mother Ka Dhaka, I find peace in listening to its classical music, and listening to the music of the north is a headache.surprised.

Looks Rudra says that Vasu’s music is a different genre. Why are you comparing? It says that I know you and your music are not equal to the filth of my mother’s feet. I am serious. Can I respect my mother’s students? Fans of the same way behave crazy like Rudra is made for them if two of his songs are flops. He will be mad for someone else. Is it his honor. His feeling is not true. Rudra tells Is that i love you girls likes attention otherwise how his ego will be satisfied and tells him to stop i ask to change the subject with consciousness asha says why else someone knows you are such a cheap man You have become a rock star so that you use girls and there you are saying that you are crossing the limits, what did I do, but it says that I remind you that when I came to the farm house, there were girls somewhere. Tell them what you were doing. She says it’s true. She uses girls like she used me. She is becoming an ideal couple. It is just a hoax. She works to love me for her publicity. She married me to save her image. Everyone has fallen asleep. She says that she has saved her money and career. Married to me she used me Rudra says are you conscious the world is watching you? She says that I want the world to hate you because I hate you Rudraksh Sir is a listener and hugs Shardatakesthought .

Precap :

Rudra Priyasha says is a fraud and there gave him a slap I goes up Priya bit argue and say that I will send you to jail I chandelier sees falling over and save Runs for .