Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins by asking Ahana if you have blackmailed him. He says yes I blackmailed him. No one has argued with me. Attempts threaten the police. He has no status. He slaps me. I felt that he should have slapped Rudra. He smiled. He says well you came with Chetna’s interview for him and I got a chance. She says I am confused. I blackmailed my efforts. Ethnicity is the biggest weakness of her efforts. I told her that if she does not listen to me then I will tell her that she is a legitimate one. She is scared, Ahana asks if you had called her. Changing voice, Balraj says he Calls the efforts.

He says this is priya chalak hai you just look i will teach him a lesson he goes she says she is such a great player how can not believe that priyasha is scared that means sir Its true, I will know who the real father is, and dance on my fingers like Priya. This is going to be fun and there asks what happened Priya says nothing. He says that I am reading your eyes. Tell me the thing. She says that the day when I stopped Balraj from slapping you I was telling you That I was crying like a baby. I hug her and cry.

She says that I felt like I am alone now I feel like someone is with me. Thank you. She says I have supported my family. Anything. Not hidden what happens if i don’t come to the store room she asks why did you come there he says i wanted to say sorry to you she says you did not say sorry and got angry he says i have in your hands Saw Rajiv’s diary, FB had seen Priya crying, she has seen Rajiv’s diary, she reads that I miss Sanas so much, she is my son, I don’t know if she is in this job. She says that means Rajiv Wanted that all the nations should be born, she reads when I came to know that she is in this world, then I learned that you have left this world. She says that it means that Rajivwrote this for glory.

She reads. Glory is my love. My life is I wish I lived with glory. I remember the day when I met glory. I could not convince myself to free me. Can’t marry Priya says that if Mahima knew Rajiv was in love with her then she would be alive, she cries and there comes a diary, he asks how you left Rajiv’s diary, you may have killed him Is to be proof against you. She says no. He asks what you were doing here. She says I wanted to be alone and he asks what you were planning now. You killed Raju and Planned to kill me. She says enough. She knows that I am very tense. I can’t even live in peace. Someone is blackmailing me to tell me that she is not right.

I ask why you didn’t tell me I asked you He said that he was friends with me, you said that you are also talking nonsense. He asks, who is the blackmailer, you say that I am scared. I know I’m going to do a talk show. I can’t do that. He asks what she said. She tells you to go so that you will slap me so much, you will slap me at the live shop. We have no choice. Is he says i don’t care about my image i did not let this happen she asks what we will do he says i will slap you i will do what i want but according to our plan let’s see who wins FB ends up telling Priya that you have failed the blackmailer and says that both of us have failed her.

She is happy. She asks about the chandelier and a shower of flowers. She said that before entering I Seen someone has a solid plan to make a chandelier fall on us. On FB, Ko shows about the chandelier that he has failed. He stops the crew members and seeks their help. He summons Chetna and says that I want the help I was getting. I took help from the crew. Everything will be according to the drama. 1 + which I will fall down Don’t try, nothing will happen. I save her. Baby sleeps. Priya asks who can do that. She says that maybe she has sent someone to harm you. How will she blackmail you sir? It is not fair I told that he is my son who will listen to him, not even of satsang. She says that we have to find out who he is.

Sanyas talks to his friend. He praises Rudra. His friend says My dad is a gold medalist boxer who is a big champion. Sharan says you come home and see what prize Rudra has got. His friend says he has not won any competition. Saraswati takes it. Rahul says you were overconfident You made the show a super duper hit. Yuvraj asks if I did it. I enjoyed watching his romantic scene. I’m getting angry. I told the guy to drop the chandelier, he changed the chandelier to the end. I know Priya. Sa Saathi She must have done it was to influence the effort.

Rahul says efforts Due to him he got no fans. He changed his image. Rudra cannot create a clean image like he had made. The maid tells Rahul to come fast. Neerja is not good. Nirja is power in pain Rahul asks what happened Nirja says Is that there was a lot of bleeding and pain. I worry and says that anything happened to our child. You did not let anything happen to our child. Save him too. He says that I am trying I will call, keep an eye on Yuvraj, she tells Priya that I did not get the call from the blackmailer Basu says that I thought why are you saying wrong about Rudra, you managed everything well. Supported Wait I am getting a call. Stop, she answers the call. Rahul says I am Neerja’s husband. I ask that Neerja is fine, she tells us that she is in a lot of pain. She is saying that our Something happened to the child Priya goes to the chowk.

Precap :

Neerja asks for her child Priya Sa says that you have a lovely baby girl Thi rahul says i will cancel your medical license everyone says i told him that rudra will fight his father son falls to boxer he falls down saras and priya cry.