Yeh Hai Chahatein 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Priyasha and says that I am going to the hospital to pick up the old patient Vasu comes to the hospital. Okay, the effort reaches the hospital. He meets the decision and asks for the reason for the bleeding. She asks if he Someone ate outside food or fell down. She says this is not a good sign. We should do a cesarean soon. I am worried about Nirja and the child. Rahul and Neerja ask him to save the child. Sir comes to the sea. And says my friend told me that your father is much stronger than you. I said you have a lot of power and Rudra says yes I can beat anyone. Sir Vein says I told him you are not afraid even if His father is a buffer. Rudra says I am not afraid, Sir said that I told him that you fight your father tomorrow and asks why you are doing this. I cannot do boxing. He will punish me a lot. Sir.about respect and there says don’t insult me ​​please, my honor is great.

Saran said you are my money You are the best. You will win. Everyone used to joke about me. I have it now. I will pray for your victory and say yes, your honor is like mine. I will fight for you. Sharan thanked her and sigh. He says sorry. He asks what the Suns were saying about the fight. He says that I promised Ayan that he would fight his father. I’m doing this for him. I can’t hurt him. Ayan’s father is crazy too. He says no. He is not a boxing champion. She asks if you are serious. You have gone mad. You are this celebrity. Your face may be bad. You did not listen to me. God Thank you she thinks she was very fond of Sanna. Once I came to know about Sharan’s father, everyone will not be here.

Priya asks if Rahul has wished this girl, how did the report say Rahul says Are we supposed to have Bachchan, what came in the report, she says that we have got abortion medicine in her blood, now he says that we have Have a lot of planning for Chche. See the report. She says that the same result came twice. She was taking medicines on time. Okay, have you received the medicine? Show me. She says I will ask the maid to send the medicine pick. She comes to meet him. She says no alcohol after taking the medicine.

Priya asks how it can happen. On the same day the pregnancy ends, Sania says that she has given me medicine. She shows the medicine strip. Thinks it was to be given the decision how she got it Rahul comes and says that the maid had sent the picture. I show the picture of medicines, she thinks that her medicine has changed so it was not so bad it cries for the mistake and She remembers her mistake. She says that I was stressed about it. Forgive me. If whatever happened, she asked to send him and Rahul. She says that and Sonia’s medicines have been exchanged.took a sleeping pill, went to Rahul Chowk.

He says sorry he was a mistake, he says that it is a crime. You have tried to kill my wife and children. Told you that you trust Nirja. Don’t break her trust. I run over her and threaten her. She says that if I have anything with my wife and child, I will cancel your doctor’s license and I will ruin your name. She says that I am calm, I understand your feelings. I know its a big mistake. I promise that I will try my best to save your wife and child. I have no danger. She tells you that you should punish me or weep and says that it is not Priyasha’s fault, I had given the wrong medicine. Priyasha says that I will take care from here. Go from here the nurse says sorry, what will you do to your friend? Asha told me clearly about the drugs. I was busy on the phone and had given the wrong medicine. You can complain about me. Rahul says they should not cover it was Priyasha’s responsibility. Not your Priya Convenor Dr. Dear She says to the branch, whatever you want, I will do what I feel is right. It goes to the decision.

Rudra says That efforts have not come home yet. Why am I missing him? He finds Rajiv’s diary and says he has written his feelings in it. He opens the window. He sits there to read. He says that the name may have been lost. He loves the efforts and the efforts. He makes a diary and thinks about the efforts. This is what he wants, he says why I am thinking all this. It happened to Rajiv so he wrote Rajiv loves the efforts. Was or because the effort came cheated him. Everything changed now. I can’t believe he cheated on him. How could he break his heart. He loved it so much. Effort can’t do anything but think about him again. Nisha says let me go to my child Priyasha and Rahul comes in and asks about her child Effort says that you had a beautiful baby girl Nirja asks what do you mean

Precap :

Yuvraj comforted Priya and gave her Hugged and comes there and stops them in a boxing match, Rudra wakes up to Rudra. Cries and cries.