Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Aman going to Roshni’s house. He says we will live as strangers. We have no connection with love hatred or hide. He asks grandmother to talk to Roshni if ​​she knows about her child. Daadi tells Roshni not to worry, everything will be alright. Natasha says that if there are some moments, Rehan’s soul will be trapped in this bottle. Rehan falls down. Shayari says what shall I do. Hai pull it out she asks how can i do this he says just do it shayari tries her best and shoots the arrow. Rehan hurts a lot some white dua reaches natasha shayari looks at her back with another arrow Rehan’s pain makes Aman work magic and sends water for her. He takes care of her. Saari takes out his second arrow. Dua Rehan’s soul returns. Natasha sees.

Rehan telling Shayari to settle down. He says that Mary Take the car you get rid of me shayari says how can i go Rehan tells him to go he falls and closes his eyes Su takes care, she worries when G says that its good Aman gets Roshni back. Salma says that Aman and Roshni’s distance can be over. Dadi shouts Aman, Aman leaves Roshni gets hurt Aman flies to Mahira Looks like she does magic, then ji says that your magic has not worked on her. The hunter who has cast her spell on her. Has she gone out Sarah and Seema say she was in the kitchen when ji says That the hunter who fascinated them and made them to do something but does the light fall from the fire.

Rehan goes and looks at Shayari and she also wakes up. She wears her jacket. He asks why didn’t you go? She says that I do not know driving. He remembers her running with the car. She says I do not have a license. He says that you have seen me even when you have not run away to save your life. When in danger, he does not think about the license. She says that you were in danger. How could I leave you alone? He says let him call Aman. Aman says Rehan and Shayari is fine. I did not wish to worry about her. Tabiji says that I have applied war powder on her. Grandma will be cured when the effect of magic ends, Grandma asks where is Roshni Say she is coming here. He goes to see the light in the file ring. Aman performs magic and makes the fire disappear. Abhay looks at the light. Rehan tells Shayari to think again. I ask that you have my life. What would I think before saving? Why do I think.

He asks are you ready to act like my fiance? She says yes I want to help you find your brother. I ask him to wear an engagement ring. Then Ji says that the delivery of the lights is close, it is not a normal save, Salma asks why she is hurt, then Ji says that she is a baby, the child she is carrying means the meeting of fire and water. She will get hurt till delivery. Her pain may increase further. Salma asks Aman to ask only then Ji says that only Ati Hero can reduce his powers and His grandmother also asks where we will get the pain. Rehan says that I have a paternal ring. The same ring that I used to shayari in the engagement says to give the knot. Shayari Roshni needs it. Shayari says I hope The woman hands over the money and gets the ring back. He goes to Mahira and finds her standing in the air. Rehan goes to the Chowk and asks what is it all about Sara stops her and says she will be fine. I ask Who is with him?

Salma takes care of Roshni. Roshni cries. Grandma says they have a high temperature. Aman looks like he takes Roshni with him. Rehan asks if you are sure he will be alright. Sarah It is said that then Ji said that Myra will be fine but Roshni Rehan says that Roshni will be cured by the city diamond Shayari will give the ring Aman brings Roshni to the pool and showers the water on it. It is said in Shayari that I will find the goon’s number and get it back. She checks the phone. Rehan asks if you can not see that Rosh Nee is in pain have you got the ring. Shayari says it is not the ring. Rehan asks where she is. Have you lost? She says no. He asks if you gave it to someone or did you sell it. Scolds her. She cries. She says i told you you will be paid for this drama why did you send it. I want that ring back. Take this money and get the ring back. She shakes her head to let him go. Says he says i will give more money but i want a ring does she say i won’t get it i don’t know them i say you know your address get out i push her out the door she cries He closes the door.

Roshni says that when I deal with Kala I was just a wife who wanted to save her husband. I didn’t know that I was pregnant. I didn’t know the feeling of being alone. I know I Did not see my child but felt her every time she cries and said that since then ji said that delivery is close I am worried I give myself a snake and the moment I made that deal you were right. I am ready to do anything for you and the children. There may be some way Aman asks her to rest and goes away she cries. 

Precap :

Tabiji says that we did not know that this refuge would come soon, baby will be born tonight Aman smiles