Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Roshni crying and talking to the flower. She says that my fault is that I lost you. There is a way to save my child. I can do anything but I cannot lose a child. Tree appears shayari says i am going i came to help the light Rehan says that your truth is out you are jeans, i went to find you only at ji’s house and came to know that you had already left I have found something and you know that you are the scenery. I was suspicious of you. He shows an umbrella and knows how the Chinese hunter mark came on it. She says that you are getting me wrong. She says yes to the hunter or not she says yes, he asks where is my brother what have you done with him.

Roshni sees the tree, another light comes from the tree Roshni gets surprised. Shayari says that I have Didn’t do anything. I didn’t burn the pics. Maybe the pics were on the day I met them. Rehan says you had hidden about it. She says that there was a reason he asks that What she did to him. She says i did nothing to her. She tried to molest me. She probably remembers and cries. She says i ran away but i can’t get away from memories I knew it was 1 day and would find me. I left the city and came here. I came back to help Roshni.

Rehan says you are a jeans hunter. Where is my brother? She says I did nothing. I swear I ask who I did again. Mahira comes and says that Natasha did and she asks if we can save our children. She gets down to put someone to talk. Morning 2: By 00, Roshni asks Roshni to give birth to the child in the corner of the forest, and she asks how will I go from here Angel says that you will be here too and that way I see her as well. Says that Natasha had hypnotized me and attacked me. If Shayari does not help you then you are stuck in Natasha’s bottle. She takes them to show the bottle. He saw the bottle broken and he gave his earrings to the angel and said that you look like me Angel tells him to go and give the baby, Roshni says that the college wants these children of mine, I am not aman Milan Angel tells her to leave it at that she will liberate Aman Khuda, she will receive the child after delivery. Roshni looks at the carpet.

Sheyari says I knew that there is another hunter in this house. Rehan says that Sara You saved me and came to help Roshni too. Shayari says that I can’t come back to live. I came to help Roshni. Shayari says I’m sorry I couldn’t help your home and life. I am going to ask the lady if she needs help. The woman says please leave.

Roshni says you have to go awayRoshni says I have to inform my family. She gives a message to all the women. She says that we should take Shayari’s help for Roshni. Sara and Sai go to mother’s grandmother. She says that we have to fool Kala Jin A way has been found, then Ji says that we will have to do the session often and he will get his child. Aman says I am ready for this fight. He gets his sword and he tries to leave. He calls who sees the door. She stops, she turns to see Aman, she gets angry at him for coming out of the room. Fairy lights up. Aman and everyone’s eyes are on him Aman asks what is this all about. He sees Kala ji coming. Shayarisome powder on the window.

Rehan shook the window with her magic, then Ji says that it is our plan, Aman says that the light is happening, the first mirror in her look is when Ji says that this plan works. We will black who have to distract us. Grandma says that the hard light has to be taken to the black forest. The mind says leave me on this, I know what I have to do, I ask the light to come, he runs away. Roshni and everyone try to distract her by attacking her and she gets inside the car and catches them and says that for me to be free from this It is not easy. Everyone worries. Kala who asked Roshni to go back home. I can not walk with her. She will take her children. Grandma says Shama Aman, we all tried hard, but we would go inside the house. 

Precap :

Roshni delivers her child Kala ji comes to take the children Aman says that I did not let you take your child Roshni and Aman weep only when G gives the baby to Jin