Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

Episode starts with Aman seeing the time Roshni is in labor. Everyone takes care of her. She delivers the child. The family smiles. Aman cries and Kala who appears Roshni finds her child. Everyone stops Aman. College Inn Laughs, he asks Roshni to give her baby and keep her promise Aman asks how can you do this only then Ji says that we have to give the child Roshni says that I am not giving my children in Tabiji Then Jee asks her to explain, Roshni takes the child to Amarnath. She asks grandmother to stop Tabiji, she runs. Everyone holds her back, then Jee gives the child to the College Inn. Aman and Roshni and the family Members cry.

Tabiji says, wait, you can’t take away the clothes of the children, its aya na and the child of Zeenat should first read the rays of the sun on him or else he will give his powers, I don’t think you would want light to say that And wait, you are saying something. I have fulfilled my promise. Now it is your turn. Promise will break lantern and says 14 is over now he has no right over aman’s soul he disappears and someone cries aman says leave me he is gone everyone smiles grandma says Thank God that everything went well only then Ji says that we all fooled him. We remember his plan to take Anna out.

He says that we have to show black lives that he has failed our plan. He will stop us, you will have to send happiness to the forest of na come from the magical door. Tabiji gives the magical door to Rajni, Roshni sees Aman and goes away for help. Then thank you yes or no, say that we are black Will have to make a map to give Aman gets her magic a baby toy. FB ends. Rehan says that our plan has worked. Aman says to Roshni that grandma says you are worried for her then only she says she is there It is safe till now the baby will be delivered.

Roshni looks at her child and weeps with joy. Grandma says congratulations, your child The mind has come into this world. If the black who knows about our deception, what will happen or does not say that they have freed you from 14, then they say that they do not know that they have suddenly taken By the time the light will reach here safely, I am worried that I have cheated you. My storm will destroy you. Wherever you are, the light goes on. She tells the children not to worry, I will use my powers. Roshni and childhood get trapped or not and she says that Aman Roshni is in danger. She also freezes and disappears. They think Roshni is in danger. Reaches and Shayari comes to the forest and examines Aya Na’s corner Aman says that the light is inside her Rehan says don’t worry we will get her fails to enter Rihan asks What was Aman says that no day can go there Shayari says I can go, I am not living, there is no need, we will find a way Mana says no there is no way. He tells Sarai to go.

Shayari goes and calls Roshni. Rihan says she doesn’t know what he is doing. I should have let him out of the house. Shayari has said that the light is not in. They say that you may have hidden it. I do not trust you right now. Look for Aman. Aman shattered the magic door. He worries that the light turns black in front of him. The day appears Rehan and Shayari come who say that your light will never come back. He has been punished for cheating. You will never open the mouth of your wife and child. We do not cry. He angrily summons his sword. Rushes to stumble you college these disappears immortal falls down Rehan does magic and saves her .

Aman is shattered he misses the lights Rihan brings him home Grandma takes care of Aman Rehan says It is only then that Aman gets sleepy due to the juice given by her. Grandma asks where is Roshni and the girl. Rehan says that we do not know we have not given them Shina Kala ji said to Amar that we should give up hope of his return. Grandma is shocked

 Precap :

Aman finds a flower petal in her hand and Roshni calls her out. I fail to see her