Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Naira who tells Karthik about sending Chhori to the ashram. She says I feel strange when he asks when there is no reason Chhori packs her bag and says I will not go to the ashram but the road. But she’ll get her hands and shout a lot. She gets an idea. Karthik and Naira have a moment. A couple play Naira says I wish we were happy. She says that our memories can come when we are in the eyes When I am so restless, how can I dream?

The supporter says I will come with you, I will let you and Kanha enjoy the swing. The cows feel that there is no hope for the son if you think that It is difficult to accept her daughter. Naqsh gets Kirti and says that we have become Radha and Krishna. I kiss her and takes her. Kirti smiled. The thief likes a little duck room. She takes her toys. And help each other and Cyan plays I come closer I indicate Suvarna’s coming To say that they should try well to succeed, Manish prays for her sister-in-law Suvarna says that the accident was not big but it changed my whole life sister-in-law mother says she will put an end to your pain. That no one else can recognize me in these clothes. I get dressed as Kanha. Grandma asks Manish to look at Cute and Naira. Manish keeps the book Chhori says I will go when no one sees me Karthik and Naira Radha Krishna starts the dance. They get Manish to dance. Grandma and everyone smiles. Manish looks at them and thinks.

They show Manish some old pictures. Everyone looks at Manish. Chori says me before Sudha’s arrival. Neither will she see Naira crying and says she is really good to fix Manish for her or else Karthik will always be angry at her Manish goes to the map Shanti Dadi Karthik says that I was so heady that all that Some will remember but nothing happened. He apologizes to everyone. He should remove the hell. Nayera says and turns, I will change.

Manish sees it stealing and goes after her. Naira tries to talk. Karthik scolds her. She tells him not to get angry or he will try again. Says i will try again when someone breaks trust again it will be hard to trust again she goes and she cries everyone is looking for Manish.Surekha asks if he did after Karthik and Naira Samarth says That he did not go out alone. He searches for Manish. Karthik sees Suvarna crying. He says that I will not give up. Father needs us. Do not give up. She says that no one can understand me. I think something. Will not change too Manish and I will always be strangers to each other. He says that we will try again. The slogan says that you said so. They hear about Manish and get worried.


Karthik says that Manish is nowhere. Karthik goes to see Manish who is dancing in front of people and Naira looking for Chori.