Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Naira saying I can’t accept it. He comes to Candle Angel on the cake and wishes Manish is healed. He recovers as before. He always guides them and gives them his There is no need to guide. He becomes Karthiki’s father as usual so that Karthik does not need to be his father. The house is filled with happiness. Everyone cries. The match has sprung. Naira says I have more wishes Can’t I swear I haven’t accepted the academy until Manish gives me this paper more. They should be able to understand this happiness. Suvarna asks Karthik to give Manish a file to Naira. She says that when Till he recovers, keep the file in the temple. Naqsh says that Manish’s gift was the best. I wish he could give the gift to Nehra. Kirti says that we don’t need to hope. He rightly says that the gift is special because it includes Mama Manish also dreams of Mama’s blessing for Naira, Kirti asks that Ae Why did he get a call from Aditya, he says that God’s master plan is always something else. He asks what happened Kirti why are you so upset? She says that I thought about Krisha.

He says that I always I think of him. He must be missing her. She gets a call. She asks if you want something. She refuses. She goes and answers the call. She goes to the chowk and says if not Devayani asks if Hua Keerti says that there was a call from Hai’s office. I told her not to bother her today. Devayani says that it is okay to finish the work and let’s ask Naqsh what is the work Keerti says that I like to solve some unhealthy matters. 

Misses terms of naira Manish and cry comes map and gives him solace, he says, will not blame themselves two fine he sees running a short and says that what he is He follows Chori, Suvarna says that birthday is always celebrated so well Devayani says that Karthik was not happy today. Prays for the type. Looks annoyed buying something from the angry chhori says it’s sister’s birthday i want to buy a gift give her earrings he asks her to give me money i find her i come near her Hey sorry, you say here, why did you come here Naira asks why you were buying gifts for me, Chhori says you have given me a lot, I can give you something, I have no money but I have some money with the swing Meet I asked God. He did not say anything. Nehra says it is wrong to take money. She shows to the Sikhs. She says that my money is in your brother’s house. I will take money from her.

Naira says that there is no need, it is enough. She asks him to buy a packet of bindi, buys it from Chhori and says that I will give you a wonderful gift next time, no thanks night it is enough for me, I ask why have you left home, Chhori says I always I live on the streets, I say that I will send you to the ashram thinking that I have come to give you earrings Asks for Naira or else she says I’m worried she is crying. He asks what is the matter

Suvarna says we have hurt her a lot. Naqsh says Karthik didn’t do it right she says with anger It worsens. Karthik and Keerthi love Manish a lot. Breakfast is what we do not love. She says that I understand I have seen a lot in life. I also want Manish to get well. Kirti and Naira should not be happy. Naira looks at Kirti in the coffee shop. She thinks maybe not. I was wrong why Kirti came here. She tells Chhori to come and have a meal. Naira goes to Song after seeing Aditya. Hai she asks Chhori to do anything she says i will tell them she says kirti is alone aditya is not with her i will ask kirti once chhori orders many things i say i My sister has a lot of money, I have money too. Aditya hides from the woman, he says that I have survived here What are you doing? I say I wanted to ask you, did you come here to meet Aditya? Kirti goes to the Chowk.