Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The beginning of the episode breaks down with Misty. Is this something you just asked? I will leave you home. She says I will never make you helpless. We will meet tomorrow. She slowly says yellow on the morning of this that I am in front of the family on Misty Not to be angry Misty sends her a magazine. She looks at her picture on the grave and reads the apology letter. She says yes I have become a celebrity and my picture has come to the grave. Misty arrives and says that she sampled Sent it will come in the next issue. She asks if you did it.

Misty says that I just promised her sorry sorry late we didn’t handle the situation well I mean I haven’t handled it anymore. I want to bring Kunal back. If you come together, we can convince them that you do what you think is right. Meenakshi gets Abir’s call. Now asks what did you tell Vishambhar that you take out Misty and Ko She says so she complains about me. I didn’t expect it from her. She says but I come It was expected she asks what do you want my son and your in-laws to be away from. I get upset. The city makes fun of us. You should talk to me. I sent Mistico away from me and did not call. You have stayed at a house until they realize their mistake. She says that I do not agree on your way. Both of you are away. I am handling the office alone. She says we know that Kunal can handle the work. It has been asked that what people say about people, I do not care about those people whom I do not know, only the son and father of this do not know about the problem. I ask if you mother and son how to close Know that you have gone away from me before and now you have opened the umbilical cord. He says that you never like to control. There is nothing. I will not let you out of the mystery we do not come back when Till they do not realize sorry bye.

Misty says that nothing has come and says that my clone is not Misty says that I am cab Trying to book Ko says that I cannot handle Meenakshi’s anger. I think I know that Misty can fix everything. Kunal, have you talked to your mother like this person right now? Hai jokes right now. He says we will have breakfast. Kunal asks are you joking. Aamir says that I have downloaded the recipe of paratha to keep the light running slow. Misty says I have mother He did not want to tell. He says that if you do this, we will not fight. I cannot handle it. It falls on a rock and falls down. A tree branch falls on top of her foot. She runs and says Why don’t you worry I’m with you. She tries to call Abir and sends him to help. She says to come fast. There is no auto or taxi. Coronavirus that I did not think you would play this Kunal says that people stop the drama Tabu. She says that you should be ashamed, Kunal says that No need to come here Misty says I don’t have to worry. I’m with you. Everyone says I am in pain Misty says I will take you. Don’t worry, lock that heavy branch. I try to lift her I get hurt and say that I am sick of all this. Wait now, they think we knew we are waiting Mistake Ho said she will come if it was a lie. Something is wrong. 

Mishti Branch She removes blood on her leg, runs to bring Mistake’s car. She finds Ko on the car. Kunal says that I will finish the work in 10 minutes, in which she asks him to talk carefully. Is not relieved that they are pretending so that we return home. She says come home you and Kunal are husband and wife. He misses you a lot. He rejects the call and says to her Won’t go till the ad goes now. He answers the call. The nurse says that your wife is very hurt. Just come soon, Abir asks if the soil had called you. The man says Yes he has me un drug you send it too so that we can print the picture to kunal and his wife abir apologizes i will send he says it means i am not lying i truck him and the hospital Kunal says that you should be ashamed to be joking like this and takes his phone. He says that Kunal’s wife is admitted here, then says that I think he is really in the hospital. I did them. Is if he is really hurt. He runs to get treatment. Misty comes and asks if you are okay Misty says if her x-ray report came, the doctor says that it will come in some time from Misteno on his hand. Asked to catch, she is busy talking to Ko. He treats the doctor. She says, Whose Kiya asks if I can come home? The doctor says if the possibility is denied then you can go. Everyone comes and sees that Mistico is taking care, she asks if it has a fracture, Misty says that think You will not do any work. You will do me all the work. 

Doctor says that the report has come. The report shows that the doctor says you are not a lucky girl. Misty hugs everyone. Everyone comes in. Kunal. Hugs Ghosh and asks if you are ok then go away doctor asks you are her husband it is rare that when too much weight fell on her leg she did not get fractured thanks to her sister abir They say they have become a team. Vishambhar says that he has worked alone. Misty hugs him to say that he has a sprain. Misty says that yes I have heard that he says that Misty has made heavy people. Raised the doctor decides, everyone laughs and apologizes from now. 

He asks how did you ask for forgiveness, what the fuck is it our fault and nothing Abir says that you did not tell me that you did not tell me the publishing house. Where is Misty says that I told about the injury you did not trust me, she says it all, she also told me That I want to end this topic. It will be like what you say. He hugs you and loves you. He holds the stomach feeling hurt. He asks that you are fine.

Precap :

Abir and Kunal get Ganpati home doctor. Asks if there was a big accident, Mistake, there was internal injury, sorry for the Misty is like a chance of her conceiving 0 goes to Abir Shocked.