Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 27th August 2020 Written Episode Update

By the beginning of the episode, Misty asks Kuku to ask the doctor that the doctor says that she is fine dressing Narsuas, you can get your checkup done, you are having a stomachache, its pain does not cure the letter Misty says I felt the pain before. The intern probably asks the doctors to get the ultrasound done. Abir worries and says that you should get the test done. Misty agrees and tells him not to tell anything to Vishambhar. Rajshree calls Meenakshi. Everything tells Meenakshi goes to Chowk Rajshree says that Kuku is hurt we are in the hospital, we will take them home. Meenakshi asks if something is okay, Abir and Kunal are returning home Rajshree says yes I have seen a change in girls Misty Takes Kuku to the hospital and takes care of her that I think a tough asylum has worked. Meenakshi says I can see hope but sorry I have to see them. No need to apologize. Rajshri says but my daughters are at fault Meenakshi says that my son has not done it right I will end this matter right here we will meet soon. Paro says Misty and Ko fight over any problem, congratulations your son is coming home now Meenakshi says congratulations to you my son and my rules will come back Something will be alright. She is a celebrity.

Varsha says I will talk to her. Misty is with me. I am not afraid Varsha says that you are no longer a kid. Kuku jokes, listen to what Meeta says Varsha says. Is that the person has to be mature. Kuku asks if you want to tell about the child. Varsha says that when the baby comes, Kunal and your relationship will be strengthened. Abir says I talked to you about the baby. Misty says You said i’m a kid he says i said you’re so beautiful sorry i was angry at the time she asks what use to say to expensive she says i mean i have to have babies Should save money, she jokes. She says that it reminded me of Mehul. He actually blackened Mummy for money. It didn’t happen to our children. She says I promise he says it means you’re ready. Misty says we’ll go home and now she goes for the scan. She smiles.

Kuku says me Not interested what Jasmeet says you should save Kunal one. Kuku says it is so hard Varsha says that being a mother is the best feeling in the world. I want you to experience it Misty thinks that Abir and My pain is the same. Our father was not good. We will be good parents. Does this mean I am ready for the child and welcomes him at home and says that Parul has talked about me. She asks how do you Ho Kunal says it is a little fun. I cannot even walk. Misty asks Kunal to take it. Kunal says so childish Kuku says that I am back than he takes her. Meenakshi comes Meenakshi says sorry Kuku says that I promise we will not fight again Meenakshi says that both of you are fine. It is a matter of when Rajshri called me, I was scared, Kunal says its a small death that the doctor told me to relax Parul says I will take care of you Meenakshi says you did not call me Misty says because of this, she informs Kunal and says relax we should be thankful that Kuku is fine he goes to touch Meenakshi’s feet Meenakshi says let it be and goes away.

Kunal asks what happened to her Hua mad says that you leave both of them at home, so angry Abir says that only I or both Kunal says that he talked to me thank god it’s time to face him now Mishti says good luck Rajshree says That everything went well. We should keep Ganesh Puja and invite everyone. Vishambhar agrees. Kunal does not get asked for. Kunal offers him till he asks him to speak sorry. She says that Misty and I come to see you. I could not talk to my mother. Kunal says that she is a mother. Ok Kuku says you are sensible Now the child’s plan. He asks if you are serious. He asks what do you think he says. Feeding diaper change. Feeding children. Will you do it all? I’ll take a cold. She says we never talk about it. No i’m not ready for this responsibility he says ok eat food he eats food he is not ashamed of that she says you feed me he asks why is on his own ok i will i missed you She says I missed you too.

Abir comes to Meenakshi. She says when she showed her right, why did the son say that I am not related to that matter. He says that you are angry with it. She reminds me of childhood events. Mishti sees Meenakshi says that I am your mother, I understand your sorrow, you do not understand my sorrow. He says that you think my life is also yours. I feel bad that I do not have you to solve the problem. She says that you cannot understand me, you went to Rajshree, you hurt me, you will not understand this. I do not want to see your children this day.

Precap :

Abir talks to the doctor. I ask Misty she is fine. She says she has internal injuries. Her chances of pregnancy are like zero. He shocked.