Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with everyone happy and excited, Amir’s child is fortunate. Mishti says that I have hurt everyone. She is very happy because of me that you are happy. Now you get the call. She says me. I have to go to an NGO for some work. I will come Mistake stumbles. Meenakshi catches her. Misty runs careful I will come Misty says okay he thinks nothing is okay how will I tell you I go away sadly He calls the doctor. Meenakshi says that I married Mehul with my own wish. Father broke relationship with me. I hurt her. I got punishment. I could not be happy with Mehul. He was not a right man. She lived in the village. I was alone on the pretext of the factory when Kabir was born. My husband and father were not with me, just Kaushal was with me. She cries. Rajshree consoles her.

Meenakshi says when the baby is born, the child is nothing It is known that even a new mother needs time to learn. I did not have time. I came to know that Mehu L has made a scandal in the business. If I had done my wife’s duty, I would have left my father, so I did the duty of a coter but I regret that I was left behind. I always explained myself that the child of Abir should correct me. I will give her a chance. I will give her the love of grandmother and mother which I could not do. Not two Misty’s hugged her now.

Abir asks how are you safe. Now the doctor says if Mistake conceives there is a possibility of miscarriage today. Will be really imprisoned. He cries. Rajshree says that when she becomes a grandmother, the mystery of Meenakshi will be revealed, how much dead she is. When she keeps crying, she will dance her. Meenakshi says here I will spoil her Rajshree says that I Desperate to become a strict nanny, says Vishambhar: When you first came home, I asked you for a chance to become my great father. Misty says that I said yes the best decision of my life was Vishambhar says she became my world. I get many lights and colors in my life, thank you for having a daughter like her The give says Misty hugs her. She says that I used to think that all parents are like my parents. Thank you for giving me this life Jasmeet says that Meenakshi is loving Misty a lot. Told to do otherwise he will win. Then he says how I will load with luck. He sees a child in danger and runs to save. He gives the child her mummy and waits for her. She gets hope of rope.

Kuku says Is that you have not judged Mummy and Jasmeet, then I will tell you. Kunal says okay I did not joke Jazia. She says that everyone told me that Misty is my sister, not a contest. Now Mummy conceived in which I want to Get pregnant she is making mummy negative. Kunal asks if Varsha is worried for you. I want to be honest and business needs me. I am not ready for the responsibility of the child. You are my first responsibility. I am fair if you are ready. So I’m with you. I praise him. Parul comes and says that Meena Kshi is calling you Kunal comes. Parul asks what happened to her. Kuku says she is emotional.

Meenakshi says I want to promise Misty in front of both the families. I am Abir and Misty is the first child of my business. Kunal promises to share. Well done everyone smiles. Meenakshi says grandma can die for grandchildren. I am promising to share my business. Right now Radha is there and says that you are ahead so soon Thinking Meenakshi says why not Abir says that thinking is not good, you are happy, we are happy, we don’t want to take stress, how much Kunal gives everyone, everyone laughs Kunal says no Jasmeet signs herself

Abir Misty He remembers the words of her. She says how she will face this truth. Meenakshi comes. She says sorry Misty mother I realized she says issuing licenses she tells lies. Tell me what we are different No, I know that you have faced many problems without me. I have never faced your problems. I asked but you did not even tell me it will not happen again Don Hero tell me he says that I do not know how it feels that if a child does not take his problem to his mother and someone else then I Can’t ever do this. She says I was angry. He says that I have been checked up Misty. I can never conceive. I can’t tell her.

She goes to the square. She hugs him and cries. She tells him to say everything. He says that he was having a stomachache. When we went to the hospital for Kuku, the doctor got me serious with a mud check. She asks when he got hurt. He says When I was not with her she says Chemistry can never be a mother. She says that life betrayed me. She says that life cheated me too but I did not feel sad. I faced all the problems. We have no relationship. Will remove Misty will become an uncle, Abir says that the doctor said that if she conceives, her life will be in danger, it is my fault she says Have we lost, I will find a way Misty will become a mummy Give me 24 hours, if I can’t do anything, then you are mistaken. Tell me how I will be able to live like this. I say that you can be my son. You can hide sadness in your heart about your misty.

Precap :

Misty says that I read books to get answers. Abir says that if the child comes, we cannot give time to each other. Misty asks about her report. Abir says that you can never be a mother