Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Amir now about how I will handle myself. I will call Vishambhar. He runs to see Misty. He asks how you fell. She says I’m fine. He says take care of you. Should and she says I am not pregnant yet, when I am pregnant I will take care she looks at the books. She says you must be wondering why I am getting these books. I do not have all the answers like you. Otherwise when we get a child your talent will clear up my mistake. I say I know, she says she says I’m glad you are the one she wanted. She hugs him. You knew I wanted to be a mummy. I am ready thanks Meenakshi looks at the pictures of Abir’s childhood. I get depressed but calling and asking what happened are you hurt? Meenakshi says that it is not just pain and says that turmeric milk will cure you. Time has passed so quickly. Will you remember me when Kunal was about to be born? I was alone and was scared Kunal’s father was an old man. I was afraid That his shadow would fall on my son, but then I understood the great joy of being a mother. I could share happiness with you. You understood my helplessness and accepted Kunal and me. You did not let me feel that I was Mehul I have a second wife. Meenakshi weeps.

Kunal asks what is the problem now. He says that no one can see us. It is clear Abir and Misty are younger and they also have imaginary children. Mummy gave them a business share. Kunal says finally we are you I am back now I feel normal. He says that Misty’s child is not present. He got the business from him. Abir too finds this house. He asks him to stop. He says that you are telling me the words of Jasmeet You are sick you are running alone in this race. Kunal goes and asks Misty why she is awake. Is she excited about the baby? Mishti says yes I may not have felt so happy and nervous before That you have felt like this on the first day, you love your work. Kunal says I am a mother to my daughter-in-law Love had sacrificed my dreams for our loved ones. I have seen my mother struggling all day, you are excited for the child. Mom cannot be with us in our school work just because she was not her To help, I was excited to finally take the car to help Mummy. It is still night and sees Mishti saying that my baby will be lucky like you and someone will take care of her. Kunal says speak to Amir. Are still unable to understand why I did not ask about our father.

Abir did not yet have a father figure who hides his mistake and explains it privately to him who gives the right advice but is not in my life right now. Took place so I didn’t need anyone. He is my brother friend father. He is my hero. I am proud to be with him. If he can love me so much, he will love her. Children, this child will be lucky. Mistake says that I think this child will be lucky for our friendship when the child comes we all become friends You will get hugs thrice, he cries now. He thinks that I cannot handle this. You are very happy. How can I tell you that this dream will never be fulfilled?

Meenakshi remembers on the way. She remembers Abir’s words. She goes to the father. And prays she says that Abir’s own child will rain on the royal family, Balveer will get his happiness and the family will surely get rain Varsha asks how can I make Kunal’s flavor of Meenakshi Kuku and Kunal come say Make me her favorite first. Varsha asks them to perform Aarti. Kunal says that Abir is going to come. We will wait. Jasmeet asks why he is angry. He always fights when everything will happen to Abir and Misty. Plan a child. Kunal is a good brother. When he gets a child, he will struggle for the rights of the child.

Rajashree and Vishambhar come. They ask for Abir and Misty. Abir and Misty are in NGO. They talk about their first meeting. Abir says that we cannot enjoy the time when the baby comes. Shree is happy, why are we tying ourselves up in a big responsibility, we can wait, okay he thinks yes, Kunal says that Abir and Misty have gone to NGO Rajshree says that we will wait for them Varsha says that If they are not here then what to wait and Kunal has taken. Vishambhar says right 

Misty asks if you do not want a child. Abir says yes of course I want to pass my amazing form and sharp thinking. I am thinking that we I would not be able to travel like before. I want to travel with you. We should not get this big responsibility. She says that you wanted us to become parents and now travelers I have a headache. She says that now when you When she gets pregnant, everyone will be with you and then baby we will not get time for each other. We should wait. Ok she asks if my ultrasound report came. She refuses. She says I need to talk to the doctor. He is hiding something, he says that I am not lying, the report will come, he says I will ask the doctor and He says no I don’t want to know you.him to say.

She asksHe says that you can never be a mummy. She goes to the square and says no slowly she cries. Kuku and Kunal come for Aarti. Abir Says ok Misty says no it can’t happen she cries a lot she says i didn’t reach you to protect you sorry our dreams are broken she says i have broken everyone’s dreams today Can’t live like he asks what you are saying. She says that mother was right. I am not a right girl for you. You should not marry me. Stay away. I am the biggest mistake in your life. I am bad luck. She rushes to stop him.

Precap :

Abir asks Mishti not to do this. He will handle this problem. Kunal comes to see her and Meenakshi says that Misty can never conceive. There is no room for Misty in my house. Have Rajshree wept.