Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Pari tells Mishti she won’t be able to fell in love with anyone. She only wish Mishti gets all the Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th March 2019 Written Episode Updatehappiness of life with Veer. They hug each other. Pari’s locket was stuck with Mishti’s chain, she silently thanks Nandini for blessing Mishti. Veer was in a business meeting. A client apologizes as the deal appeared unattractive. Veer stands up and says his deal will surely impress them. He writes a quote and rolls the diary towards them.

In the evening, Radhika tells Veer he is always in a hurry, this won’t continue after wedding. Pari turns Arnav’s head to Mishti who came outside with her head covered. Everyone was quizzical why she came in this appearance. Veer’s mother asks her to select a ring for herself, Mishti asks her to choose as per her choice. Arnav wonders what’s Mishti saying all this. Veer’s mother selects two boxes and choose a huge colored ring. Pari signals Radhika if she has gone crazy. Mishti wears the ring and compliments it to be extremely beautiful. Veer gets a call from Rohan. He asks Rohan if he is Delhi or Mumbai, he replies Mumbai.

Veer invites him to cover his engagement. Rohan boasts of being a fashion photographer, not the wedding photographer. He promises to come over but won’t be able to stay together either. Mishti comes to hug Veer from behind. Veer confirms if she likes the ring. Mishti replies his mother’s choice is hers. Pari and Arnav discuss they haven’t seen this face of Mishti ever. Veer says there is something lacking for sure. He kneels in front of Mishti presenting a ring, and recalls she was staring at this ring. He proposes her for marriage, she accepts it for a hundred times. Both hug each other.

Pari was in the room discussing guests list with her friend Arnav. Sukhmani comes with a drink for them, and foresee bachelorette party. Sukhmani signals Arnav if there is something going on between them. Pari notices there signaling and inquires what’s the matter. Sukhmani and Arnav doesn’t tell her but goes aside and discuss Arnav must share his heart out with Pari. After Sukhmani has left, Pari says this house will all be alone without Mishti. Arnav tells Pari to shift to his house on the other floor, and marry him. Pari places her hand over Arnav’s chest, sense for a while, then says there is no spark; they better be friends. Arnav convinces Pari that though she is afraid of commitment, she won’t find anyone like him. Pari gets a call from her boss and hurries.

In the way, her scooty goes out of order and won’t start. Rohan was driving from behind and gives a horn to Pari. Rohan asks if she is fond of dying by his car. Pari tells him her scooty went out of order, can’t he help her. Rohan comes out of his car and asks if she can’t ask him for a help. Pari finds herself helpless, she finally requests him for a help. Rohan says there is no fuel in his scooty, he wasn’t willing to tie her scooty to his jeep. Pari was left helpless. He anyways does the favor and asks if she can drive a car? Before she could reply, he asks her to drive his jeep while he will handle her torn out scooty. Pari gives various jerks to Rohan while the drive. He stops her and sends her back to the scooty driving the jeep himself. He leaves Pari and her scooty at the petrol station.

Veer and Mishti reach the engagement venue together. Mishti goes to check the arrangements at the reception. Rohan was at the venue taking different shots. He turns to Mishti and couldn’t take his eyes off. He photographs her, comes behind her to untie the pin from her bun and takes a random shot as she turns around. Before Mishti could see his face, he had turned the other way round.

Veer comes to Mishti and complements that she looks beautiful in untied hair. They turn to leave, Mishti still looking around for Rohan.

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Rohan watches Mishti’s photo and claims it to be a classic masterpiece. Veer and Rohan reach a party together, Veer points towards Mishti claiming ‘that’s my girl’. Rohan was shocked to see Mishti there.