Spoilers 25th March 2019

Yeh Hai Mohbbatein: Ishita learns about the don’s identity. She realizes that the don Muskaan had kidnapped Kiran to compel Raman for transferring property. She threatens them that she can kill anyone. She gets Bala bashed up by her goons and doesn’t let any family member to come in between. Spoilers 25th March 2019 She doesn’t want Raman and Ishita to act smart. Karan realizes that she is the one who is after Bhallas. Yug begs her to leave Bala. Muskaan gets Kiran back and tells them that its her kindness that she has returned Kiran to them. She wants Raman to give the property legal rights to her, so that he can save his family. She gets mad for the property. Karan realizes that Muskaan wants to teach Bhallas a lesson by snatching the property.

Karan tries to befriend her and tells her that he is Bhallas’ enemies. He reasons out his revenge motives. He tells her that they both can help each other if they work together against Bhallas. Karan advises the Bhallas not to give the property to Muskaan. He tells them that they should handover the don to police by laying a trap.

Karan learns their plans and wants to alert Muskaan about it. He doesn’t want Bhallas to win. He acts innocent and drops the spiked drinks intentionally. Raman yells at Karan for his mistake. Muskaan asks Raman why is he reacting in such a manner, as if he has added something in it.

Shakti: Soumya asks Manasvi if she knows any lawyer who can fight their case and win it too. Harman says if there is any lawyer who will be ready to fight our case without getting scared of anyone. Manasvi says there is a lawyer who neither stop nor bend down infront of anyone, neither he is afraid of the world nor the society, he keeps fighting until he wins the case. She says I am not sure if he will fight your case or not.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira Unforgettable memories. Kirti and Naksh get Kartik home to that Kartik and Naira reconcile. Kartik goes to Naira to explain her the truth. Naira gets angered on him and throws the glass in his way so that she can stop himself at the door. She doesn’t want to talk to him, since he has broken her heart and called off the marriage. She blames him for ending her hopes by making her fall in love with him. Kartik gets depressed when Naira threatens him of hurting herself. She makes him away. Naksh, Kirti and family members ask him to try harder and convince Naira in the holi event. They want Kartik to speak his heart out and try to end Naira’s annoyance. Kartik is sure to convince Naira by his love and make the holi an unforgettable one.

Kirti tells Naksh that she couldn’t stop herself from speaking her insecurities to Kartik, just because of Naksh’s word to give Krish to Naira. She confronts Naksh for thinking of such a big sacrifice. She tells him that she isn’t ready to give up Krish. She tells him that Krish is most important to her more than the rest of the relations. She tells Naksh that she will never ever give Krish to Naira.

Gayu tells them that she is soon going to marry Vivaan, by all her happiness. Gayu wants to invite Goenkas as well. Naira doesn’t want to meet Kartik. Gayu learns about Kartik and Naira’s fight. Gayu tells them that she will help Kartik in winning Naira’s love. Kartik surprises Naira by making a sudden entry. Naira stays adamant and aloof.

She doesn’t want Kartik to charm her again and break her heart. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Naksh asks Naira to give a chance to Kartik and hear him out. Naira asks Naksh why is he favoring Kartik suddenly. She stays disturbed because of Kartik’s deceive. She doesn’t let him clarify. She celebrates Holi all alone She tells Kartik that she doesn’t want to see his face ever. The family finds Naira’s anger getting high and plan something weird to build pressure on Naira.

Kartik tries hard to talk to Naira and express his love. She angrily warns him against staying in limits if he really loved her before. Kartik gets bound by her words. They perform in the holi party and consume the Bhaang. The family members spike their thandai drinks just to bring them together. Kartik wants Naira to hear him out. Naira tells him that he has hurt her a lot and now she isn’t willing to give him any chance. Naira gets her old memories back and fails to handle the stress. She recalls Kartik’s lie about Krish and loses out. She falls in the lake while losing her consciousness. Kartik rushes to her rescue on finding her missing. Will Naira’s memories return forever? Keep reading.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Silsila Upcoming twists turns. Ruhaan feels bad that he has become a reason of tension in Mishti and Pari’s lives. Mishti and Pari stay heartbroken over the past truth of their mothers, whose friendship got ruined because of Kunal. Ruhaan tries to share Pari’s sorrow and pain. He goes to cheer her up and comes up with mischief to bring a smile on her face. Radhika doesn’t want Mauli and Nandini’s bad equations to affect their daughters. She feels scared for Mishti, who is much affected by Mauli’s life. She tells Sukamini that Mishti is not really living her life while trying to balance her life to avoid the complications like Mauli had faced. Sukamini asks her to take this in a positive way since Mishti values relations and have much courage to fulfill her duties.

Radhika feels even Pari is suffering as she has commitment phobia. Radhika knows that Pari is afraid of relationships and falling in love. Sukamini is sure that Mishti and Pari’s relation will never come to the same point as Mauli and Nandini. She wants someone who teaches living life to them. Ruhaan gets to know the complicated relations of Kunal, Mauli and Nandini. Pari tells him how it feels to hear her mom getting accused for breaking a family.

They reconcile and want to love each other as own sisters. Veer meets Mishti secretly to surprise her. Mishti gets stunned for a minute by getting scared by his presence. She turns surprised on seeing Veer. He tells her that he has big plans for their first Holi. They romance for a while. Veer applies her the colors of his love and celebrates Holi secretly. Pari breaks their moments unknowingly. Pari paints Ruhaan’s face to pull a prank on him. Ruhaan and Pari get Mishti between their mischief. Mishti doesn’t like Ruhaan at all. Pari unknowingly pushes Mishti in Ruhaan’s life.

Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya feel each other while talking to each other, but don’t identify each other because of the disturbance in the call. He comes to Surinder’s house and returns phone to Prachi. Prachi thanks him for his gesture. Pragya worries for Prachi and shares her concern with Beeji, that if Prachi meets her father. She tells that Prachi knows that her father is in Delhi and if she wants to meet her father. Beeji says Prachi went to Delhi to study and will concentrate on her studies.

She says Prachi will never search her father and says her father had thrown little Prachi and her mother out of the house and she knows how was her father. Prachi thinks of Abhi and thinks he didn’t only talk to Maa, but came back to return her phone. She thinks Abhi takes care of others’ daughter like his own and on the other hand, her father had thrown his wife and daughter out of the house. She says I will never see my father’s face in my life.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Anupriya panics hearing Aao Saheb and family members coming to temple for Puja. She gets worried and cries. Keshav tries to help her get out of the window. Just then Sampada opens the temple door with the men of the village. They see Anupriya trying to get out of the window and make an issue. Sampada acts as shocked. The man of the village tells that they shall blackened their face.

Kundali Bhagya: Rishabh hopes for a miracle to happen to make Preeta come in his life. He loves Preeta a lot, but lacks the courage to express it. Meanwhile, Karan and Preeta celebrate Holi. Preeta tells Karan that he became colorless due to the many colors thrown on him. She says till you wash yourself with water, I will leave from here and then your color can’t be applied on me. Karan walks towards her to romance. Preeta is surprised. Karan and Preeta have a cute holi moment. Monisha escapes with the help of the fellow prisoner and comes there. She gets jealous of seeing them together and plans revenge on them.